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Eurotier: A Recap


New Standard Staff

Eurotier Recap

Leading trade fair for animal production, Eurotier, was held November 13-16 in Hanover, Germany. 

With over 2,500 exhibits, attendees experienced a unique variety of programs, forums, and events with information about innovations throughout the swine, poultry, and cattle industries. 

The event is organized each year by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft or German Agricultural Society (DLG). 

New Standard's own Kees van Ittersum and Kevin Kurbis attended the biennial event and reported back on the latest industry trends and shifts.

Rising Prevalence of Cloud-Based Service

For a long time, the ability to integrate with the cloud was limited to just a few providers, but across the industry, cloud-based service is becoming more than just a standard, it is becoming an expectation.

Anything that allows producers to collect and analyze data with ease is sure to draw a positive response, and cloud-based storage and integration is a no-brainer. Precision farming has gone from a specialty of the tech-minded to a commonplace feature of everyday production. 

In addition to cloud-based services, the usage of sensors and algorithms to analyze activity in the barns has skyrocketed, giving producers incredible targeting and individualization capabilities. 

As we move forward, continued software integrations will be key to success in an industry where efficiency and sustainability are paramount. 

Prominence of Chinese Producers in the Swine Industry

As a trading partner, the Chinese have firmly established themselves as the major player in the industry. We saw a staggering representation from China throughout the event, both as presenters and attendees. While the 2,500+ exhibitors represented over 60 countries, China led the way in non-European exhibits with 260 booths. They surpassed all but Germany in number of exhibits from one country. 

It's clear that the Chinese contingent will not be slowing down anytime soon. 

Increasing Popularity of Turn-Around Farrowing Crates

One trend we'll certainly be keeping an eye on is the rising popularity of turn-around farrowing crates. Throughout the event, nearly all farrowing crates on display were turn-around style. Turn-around farrowing crates are gaining in popularity due to ever mounting pressure in the EU for producers to move to more humane housing.

While several countries, most notably Sweden, have banned crates altogether, turn-around crates provide a sort of middle ground. Animals are still crated, but able to move around within the housing. 

Knowing that industry patterns are for trends to take hold in Europe and travel to Canada and the US, this is a development we will be watching closely. 


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