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Upcoming Panel Discussion at WPX to Include Barn Managers and Industry Experts


New Standard Staff

Open Sow Housing Discussion Panel

The World Pork Expo in 2018 is always a great time to hear from leading voices in the swine industry. This year New Standard is hosting a Q&A style panel discussion with various voices from within group sow housing, so you can get all of your questions answered!

We would like to invite all swine producers to our event on Thursday, June 7th at 10AM in VIB Upper West. Neil Booth of Maple Leaf will moderate the discussion with both experienced ESF barn managers and hog industry experts available for questions. 

If you've been debating whether group sow housing is right for your next barn, you need to be at this event! Booth will take questions from attendees, so come prepared for an interesting discussion. Topics will likely include the ins and outs of group sow housing, electronic sow feeding, data management, and new barn and remodel designs.

Our panel will include: 

- Dr. Jennifer Brown, Research Scientist – Ethology – Prairie Swine Center
- Francis Forst, Owner – Synergy LLC
- Steve Horton, Sow Farm Supervisor – Thomas Livestock
- Alec Boekhoven, President – Har-De-Bo Farms
- Chet Mogler, Barn Manager/Owner – Pig Hill Farms
- Lu Rohloff, Owner – Hilltop Swine

There is no need to register for WPX to attend this discussion, but if you plan to attend more WPX events tickets are sold online for $10 per adult and $20 at the gate. We would love to see you at our event! 

Aren't able to join us at WPX? Follow us online and get the latest news and updates!

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