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Sioux Falls Downtown Pork Showdown


New Standard Staff


Summer is heating up here in the local area New Standard US resides, and that means lots of cooking meats and enjoy a good brew or two. Coming this September is a new Showdown: The Downtown Pork Showdown. 

You know we love pairing great pork with a sudsy beverage; just check out a few of our previous posts from the Pig & Swig series, Brazen Hall Winnipeg & Look's Market Place; we were talking about this before Diners Drive-In and Dives!. We will be out in full force enjoying this showdown and ranking our favorite pork dishes. 


This event will kick off on the first Friday of September, the 3rd, and will continue the entire month, with plenty of time to hit downtown Sioux Falls and check out the competition. The event is co-hosted and sponsored by Smithfield, which has partnered with DTSF (Down Town Sioux Falls). Here's what Smithfield had to share about the event:


“Smithfield is excited to partner with DTSF on this fun community event,” Tolcha Mesele, Smithfield’s senior community development manager, said in a statement. “We look forward to supporting local businesses and partners who share our love of pork, and we can’t wait to see the creative recipes they will dream up throughout the competition.” (quote from SiouxFalls.Business)


Consider making a trip during September to Sioux Falls to try some of these pork dishes from local eateries in the downtown area. You can keep up to date with who is participating and more on the Downtown Sioux Falls website


Make sure your following New Standard on social media to keep updated on the dishes we try and check back to know our thoughts at the end of the Showdown. We'll be doing our best to hit the town and try all the creative pork recipes the entrants come up with!


Want to read more information? Read more here and here.



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