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Why Sows Are Like Your In-Laws


New Standard Staff


Have you ever wondered how pigs are like humans? A plethora of easy to access research backs them as very intelligent and emotional animals, so it would come as no surprise that similarities can be found between pigs and humans. Or, more specifically, sows and your in-laws. Check out these 7 ways sows and your spouse's parents are similar.


The Urge to Clean Definitely Kicks In


You know how it goes, when your in-laws are coming for a stay, you or your spouse break into a panic, worrying about the cleanliness of your house, right? Yes, your in-laws will notice that the pillows haven't been fluffed, the dresser in the guest room is covered in dust, the window has spots. All of the dishes must be out of the sink, clean, and in their proper cupboard spot. All of the children's toys must be perfectly organized and put away in bins, and the carpets need vacuuming; the list is endless. Sows, like your in-laws, thrive in a clean environment. When sows thrive, everyone is happy. This leads to our next point . . . 

They're Picky


Sows want their space a certain way, their food just right and they don't want to be bothered. Your in-laws are no different. Just like the in-laws, sows would not likely take the guest room closest to the bathroom. Sows like their eating area and laying area to be as far away from the bathroom area as possible. 

After a Bit, That Odor . . .


Despite being very clean animals, that doesn't mean there's no smell! Sows are definitely animals with a very distinct and very strong odor. While a sow and an in-law may smell a little different, there's still that urge to plug your nose. Maybe it's your mother-in-law's strong perfume, your father-in-law's cologne; scents that are from a different generation's preferences. And just like any person, when they don't shower for a bit, body odor makes an appearance. That long weekend visit from Mom and Pop is going to be very long indeed . . . 

When They're Upset, You'll Know


Sows are very intelligent animals - you'll be able to read their body language and their noises will definitely clue you into their emotions. When they're not having the best day, you'll definitely be able to tell, from squealing to general changes in their behavior. While your in-laws may not squeal, (some might, we're not going to judge) they make their mood easily known. You'll definitely catch every gripe they make under their breath, and every complaint they state matter-of-factly.

They Stay Too Long


Especially if they have some grandchildren to spoil and play with - it'll seem like your in-laws would be content to stay with you forever. Sows can also get pretty comfortable and not want to leave - especially in the electronic sow feeders. For the sows, it's easy for one to nudge out the other when it's her turn - we can't guarantee it'll be so easy to get rid of your spouse's parents. 

Some are Great With People, and Some Aren't


Your mother-in-law could be the sweetest person to walk the Earth; she get's along with everybody, never has a bad thing to say, and always brings presents or baked goods. Your father-in-law on the other hand; you never see him smile, all he does is complain, and he complains about the presents his wife brings as a waste of money. Just like how people can have different personalities and different reactions to being with others, sows are the same way! Some are completely content being around humans, and others could stand to live without seeing them.

And last, but not least . . . 

They're Instinctively Protective of Their Children


Prior to farrowing, a sow will start to exhibit her strong maternal instincts. She'll become very protective of her space, readying it for her little ones to come. Sows are known to be one of the most mothering animals on the farm. They have very strong maternal instincts, leading them to be aggressive in their protection. Their personality can go from docile to energetic from one second the next if they've recently delivered. Above all, the sow is determined to protect her babies. Does that sound familiar? 

The only reason your in-laws might be so overbearing is because they love both your spouse (and hopefully you) so much. They want you to have a successful and happy life, and just because you're both grown, doesn't mean those protective instincts have gone away. 

Keep It Light

The next time your in-laws stop by for a visit, or you have lunch with them or take the kids to see them around Christmas, it'd probably not be best to tell your mother-in-law she's like a sow - but you can laugh to yourself at the amazing amount of similarities between sows and your in-laws.

Want to learn more about the traits of a sow and how New Standard keeps sows as their #1 priority? Click below!

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