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3 Reasons to Include Paneltim Plastic Hog Panelling in Your Hog Barn Design


New Standard Staff


When choosing hog penning and gating products to implement in your hog barn design, you may struggle knowing what product your barn will benefit from the most. What products are the strongest, last the longest, and are easy to work with? At New Standard, our staff has an abundance of experience working with hog penning and gating products, and our team has found that PanelTim plastic hog paneling is the top product on the market. Check out these 3 reasons we suggest including plastic hog penning in your hog barn design.

1. PanelTim Polypropylene Hog Penning is Disease Resistant

When we design and build barns, we always make sure that every material we use contributes to keeping your pigs healthy. We never want to compromise the health of your animals by cutting corners or using the wrong materials. This plastic hog paneling is disease resistant. The tight molecular structure in the polypropylene plastic used to create the panels ensures that viruses and bacteria won't penetrate the material. You won't have disease causing viruses and bacteria hanging around on your panel walls and infecting your pigs as they rub past them. They are also noncorrosive, so they won't be effected by your animals dung and urine.



2. Paneltim Hog Penning is Farmer Friendly

As we put hog barn designs together, we always have the farmer and building staff in mind. We want to build structures and systems that are easy to use and don't cause you headaches. This polypropylene panelling falls right in line with this goal. The internal chamber structure in the plastic hog paneling allows for easy installation and easy cleaning. Unlike extruded plastics that have long internal chambers that are near impossible to keep clean, PanelTim panels have vertical and horizontal internal walls so there is never a large cavity that can act as a fly breeding ground. Putting your pens together won't cause you frustration, and since the polypropylene has such a tight molecular structure, it is harder for contaminants to become deeply entrenched into the panels.


3. Paneltim Plastic Hog Paneling is Strong and Durable

Why we like their systems even more is the strength and durability of the product. Properly built hog penning and gating systems can last indefinitely. Polypropylene is much stronger than PVC products, and it won’t get brittle, sag or discolor. Unlike other plastics, these panels won't lose their color, even when they come in contact with ammonia or manure. In fact, they are resistant to most chemicals. At New Standard, we never sacrifice strength and quality to cut costs on your barn. With these polypropylene plastic hog penning systems, you can be assured you have the best product on the market.


PanelTim systems are often regarded as the best penning and gating solutions on the market. We believe this to be true, and that is why we design these systems into our swine barn designs. They are hygienic, extremely strong and durable, and easy for you and your barn staff to install and use. The products come in several sizes and thicknesses. We are also able to customize the paneling to fit the needs of your barn layout.

New Standard Group welcomes your questions and comments on hog penning and gating systems in your swine barns. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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