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Creating a Safety Culture - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

In this episode, we chat with Neil Armer, the Health and Safety Manager for Agrihub. Our discussion today covers safety topics from how to get started and how to implement a good safety culture in your operation successfully. We also cover the role technology is taking in safety. We hope you enjoy today's episode. Neil will be piping into the conversation in the future with our new safety tips segment on the podcast. Stay tuned for more. 

To learn more about Safety or to connect with Neil, please check out some of these links:

Contact Neil at:

Read the Blog :: Creating a Safety Culture on the Farm


Questions or ideas for future show topics? Please reach out, we'd love to hear from you.


//The Modern Producer is a podcast focused on animal husbandry, mainly focused on Pigs and Turkeys. In each episode, we discuss current trends, technology, and research. We invite you to join our discussion at Please also check out our bi-annual publication, The Modern Producer and //

Regenerative Agriculture with Dan Cloutier - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

We've back! We've got a great discussion today with guest Dan Cloutier from Agrihub. Today we're discussing regenerative agriculture and three key areas, vertical farming, biogas and net zero building operations. Sustainable agriculture is a popular topic and as Dan explains it, "a lifestyle designed for permanence". There is a lot to cover and we hope you enjoy this chat! 

Why We Do What We Do - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

Mikael Kirk with Agrisys - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

Welcome to episode 3 of the Modern Producer Podcast. On today's show, we welcome Mikael Kirk!

Mikael and his company AGRISYS is based in Denmark and is a leader in sow equipment development worldwide.

AGRISYS Protein Automation was founded by Mikael in 2009. AGRISYS provides solutions for individual feeding and the foundation for optimal results.

Britt Roman from Munters - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

Welcome to the first full episode from season 2! Today we welcome Britt Roman to the show. Britt is best known as the area rep for Munters, but he also represents other manufacturers through Ag Environmental Resources, LLC. 

Munters is out of Lancing Michigan and focuses mainly on dairy, swine, poultry, and greenhouses solutions. 

Season 2 - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

We're back! After a bit of a break, we are excited to be back in the "studio" recording some new episodes for your hungry ears! Today we simply say "hey!" and talk about a few new topics, guests, and more we have in the works! Looking forward to season 2 of the Modern Producer Podcast. Enjoy the show! 

Interview with Andrew Howerton of Reliance Pork - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

Borders, Beer & Bacon - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day! 

Catching Up Part 2 - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day! Again! 

Well, if you made it this far, you must be enjoying some beers too. In this episode of the Modern Producer, we welcome you to join Tim and Kevin Kurbis as they catch up and talk shop. This is part 2, so make sure you catch part 1 here.

We dive into some exciting new technology that is making its way into barns. More details on our Honey Grove barn project. Data and how it is changing things. Barn design features and layout, sow behavior, and so much more. You don't want to miss this one. Enjoy the podcast, and have a great day. 

Catching Up Part 1 - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day! 

2020 has been quite the year so far! In today's episode, brothers Kevin and Tim Kurbis take some time to catch up, and enjoy a few cold ones along the way. With Tim based in the US and Kevin in Canada, it has been a few months since they have seen each other and talked to shop. We decided it would be a good idea to catch up over a podcast, we hope you enjoy the discussion! 


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