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Instant Pot Pork Carnitas


1 (4-5 lb) lean boneless pork roast, cut into 2-inch chunks with excess fat trimmed off

Pork Wonton Soup


24 wonton wrappers 

HEART: Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team


Hutterites, scuba diving and modern technology - you may wonder what they could have in common. For the Maendel brothers Manuel and Paul (Oak Bluff Colony near Morris, MB), the three are so deeply intertwined it has become a way of life, and a method to bring closure to mourning families. 

Grain and Milling Solutions at New Standard Ag


AgriHub Inc is pleased to announce the transition of our Manitoba Grain Division from Penner Farm Services in Blumenort, MB to New Standard Ag in Winnipeg, MB.  The Grain Division provides solutions in Drying, Handling, Milling, Storage, Controls and now also Pelleting.  This transition has already taken place with sales, services and inventory now available in Winnipeg.  

Tech Tips: Detecting Phishing Attacks


In 2021 cyber attacks on businesses increased by over 50%. Of these attacks, 90% of data breaches happened due to email phishing attempts. 

Email phishing is defined as the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Foreign Animal Disease: Planning and Moving Forward


Foreign Animal Disease outbreaks (FADs), hard to think about and harder to talk about. However, the reality is this… having conversations now can save a lot of frustration and effort later. 

Confined Spaces on the Farm


If you work on a farm, chances are you will be exposed to the hazards of confined spaces. So, what exactly is a confined space? Different jurisdictions might vary slightly on how they define a confined space, but I think WorkSafe BC defines it best as having the following characteristics:

Souris River Colony: Interactive Modern Hog Barn Tour


Imagine touring a barn without infringing on biosecurity concerns. Now, imagine touring the barn from the comfort of your favorite chair, with your favorite snack and beverage at the ready. Too good to be true? Think again!

Recipe: No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake


By Colben de Klein via The Modern Producer Magazine

Dairy Ventilation in Canada


What does a typical ventilation set up look like in a free stall dairy barn? An easy question to ask, but a slightly more difficult one to answer. While Canadian geography has its’ differences, the theme across the country is the same – moving air to provide a better environment for your cows, and your employees. If you do not have sufficient air flowing in and out in a timely manner, then cow comfort, nutrition, and milking method is almost a moot point. When we take the varying climates into account, a better question to ask is ‘What does a typical free stall dairy barn setup look like in each province?’


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