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Souris River Colony: Interactive Modern Hog Barn Tour


Imagine touring a barn without infringing on biosecurity concerns. Now, imagine touring the barn from the comfort of your favorite chair, with your favorite snack and beverage at the ready. Too good to be true? Think again!

Save Time, Feed, And Money


Success in farming is a matter of making smart choices and finding the right partners. When Darren Sloan and his family were preparing to expand their sow farm in Ontario, Canada, they spent three years assessing their options and fine-tuning plans for an updated feeding system. 

1910 Elementary Agriculture


What a time to be alive! This was given to Kevin by his mother. She found it while cleaning up the attic of the farmhouse (it’s the same house that his dad lived his entire life). This book was filled with goodies that can still be appreciated today.

Stall Barn to Loose Sow ESF Barn Conversion - Greenwald (Part 1)


The retrofit project at Greenwald Colony is well underway. The Greenwald Colony is converting their traditional gestation stall barn into a loose sow housing set up with an electronic sow feeding systems (ESF). Kevin Kurbis (New Standard Ag) had designed the project and is facilitating the entire remodel. This video shows the barn (still mostly stalls) at the beginning of the transformation. Kevin explains the process and many of the steps we are going to see along the way. So without further delay - here's Kevin!

Neudorf Colony: New Multi Barn Build with ESF


A completely new hog production facility upgrade has spanned the last four years on the Neudorf Colony in Crossfield, Alberta, Canada. "Kase from New Standard West has been great. From the first meeting, he heard what we were looking for and created a drawing that would meet our needs as well as creating a system that would help in achieving results," says Jerry, second hog manager at Neudorf Colony. The following case study outlines the project and what services and equipment New Standard Group provided in the barn build and construction and support and system implementation after the build. 

The Rising Concern of Critical Fusion Frequency


There is a growing concern about the implications of artificial light has on animals, specifically poultry. Here at New Standard, we believe in bringing the issue to light, to help educate about this rising issue.

A.I. in a Hog Finisher – It Does Make Sense


Sorting scales certainly have a mixed past. Love them or hate them, you should know with the application of recent technological advances, sorting scales should be something on your radar again. 

Benefits of Automated Farrowing Feeding



The Last 10 Years: Reflection Piece


When I was asked to write an article reflecting on recent advancements in the pork production industry, I was first forced to evaluate where we were ten years ago. That was a reasonably straightforward exercise for me, as my son is currently ten years old—but where were we as an industry? Here are a few things that came to mind. They help explain the advancements in both the pork industry and our daily lives.

Bitcoin to Bacon: What you need to know about blockchain


Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain—it all sounds like made up tech lingo, right?

Well believe it or not, the technology fueling the cryptocurrency phenomenon is headed to a hog barn near you. As producers, it's time to get familiar with blockchain and how it’s going to impact your operation.


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