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Farm Talk: 10 Tips For Every Producer


New Standard Staff


When having the opportunity to share about farming, whether for a newspaper, a tour, or standing in line at the grocer, it's important to remember you are an Ambassador. Being an Ambassador for Ag is incredible.

Below are 10 tips on how to have open discussion, thanks to the team at Farm Food Care On and Kelly Daynard.


1. Be positive, stay calm, and smile!


2. Know who you’re talking to and what their concerns are. Don't be afraid to ask questions back.


3. Be prepared by keeping up to date with issues in the media.

4. Use easy to understand words and explanations. Try to steer away from industry jargon.


5. Provide comparisons that your audience can relate to.


6.  Instead of guessing and generalizing, take it a step forward by sharing examples from your own farming moments and experiences to answer questions. 


7. Show you care. Really. Authenticity is important. 

8. When answering a question, “I don’t know” is a valid answer. Refer them to someone else when appropriate.

9. Know when inviting discussions, invite discussion, avoid debates and confrontations. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.


10. Remember, you may be the only person in agriculture someone ever has the chance to meet. Make that impression memorable!


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