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2nd Freedom: Freedom From Discomfort


New Standard Staff

In our effort to continue the pursuit of animal welfare, we decided to enlist Kevin Kurbis about the 5 Freedoms, which has been used as a guideline for many producers around the world.

A Brief History

5 Freedoms started back when the UK government in 1965, decided there needed to be a protocol for the welfare of animals. The Farm Animal Welfare Council then tweaked these 5 freedoms in the 70's. 


The Five Freedoms

These freedoms have become a primary measuring tool, a checklist of required steps to maintain good animal welfare. We are farmers, producers, and the like; we have a responsibility to educate how we are caring for our animals. 

In this series, we are covering: Freedom from Hunger and Thirst, Freedom from Discomfort, Freedom from Pain and Injury, Freedom to Express Normal Behavior, Freedom from Fear and Distress.


This freedom means providing an appropriate environment, shelter, and a place to rest for your animals.

Appropriate Environment

To ensure an appropriate environment for animals, one of the critical pieces is good air quality and temperature control. New Standard accomplishes these needs by using a device called the Fusion Control System. This system helps to automate: intake, exhaust, humidification, heating, and monitor other gasses. It does it all to ensure the safety of the animal.

"This is something we actually specialize in," states Kevin. "Any style of barn, we go in and make sure it is properly vented for any animal, not just sows."

Shelter and Place to Rest

To ensure a proper shelter and resting area, New Standard suggests constructing "lain areas" or another term "nesting areas," especially in loose sow housing. Building low height walls that are blocked off like rooms gives the animal space while also keeping them socially engaged with other animals. Animals will usually lay their backs against these walls because they are still looking for predators instinctually.

This construction allows them to see out while feeling protected and not being snuck up from behind. This safety measure will enable sows to get quality rest and mentally shut down the fight or flight response. These rooms allow for socially grouped animals to lay around or beside each other.


These key points are the ways to check off the box of Freedom from Discomfort in your barn.

Please consider following us on all our platforms below. Also, if you are interested in developing your next barn construction project, contact the crew at New Standard. We have multiple locations from Canada and the Upper Midwest.


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