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3rd Freedom: Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease


New Standard Staff


In our effort to continue the pursuit of animal welfare, we decided to enlist Kevin Kurbis about the 5 Freedoms, which has been used as a guideline for many producers around the world.

A Brief History

5 Freedoms started back when the UK government in 1965, decided there needed to be a protocol for the welfare of animals. The Farm Animal Welfare Council then tweaked these 5 freedoms in the 70's. 

The Five Freedoms

These freedoms have become a primary measuring tool, a checklist of required steps to maintain good animal welfare. We are farmers, producers, and the like; we have a responsibility to educate how we are caring for our animals. 

In this series, we are covering: Freedom from Hunger and Thirst, Freedom from Discomfort, Freedom from Pain and Injury, Freedom to Express Normal Behavior, Freedom from Fear and Distress.

Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease

This freedom means having prevention from injury and disease or rapid diagnosis and treatment.


New Standard barn designs include proper flooring, slats with appropriate gaps, concrete with the correct surfacing, and nesting walls to give the sows secure resting areas. Also, having a good layout will give the sows a chance to remove themselves from aggressive animals.

Rapid Diagnosis & Treatment

New Standard relies on the technology that is available to them from Nedap in the ESF area. They have sensors that allow the producer to know whether an animal is in crisis (i.e., not feeling well, not eating correctly, etc). The machine will automatically alert the producer to these issues.

New Standard also includes a handheld device for the producer to walk around and check the animals. They can see something wrong with an animal, set a flag that notifies the next time an animal eats, they need treatment.

These options allow the producer to quarantine the animal away from the large pens and over to treatment pens. Sorting happens after feeding, where the animal walks through the exit galley. The flag from the previous will alert the separator, which will close the large pen exit and direct the animal over to the treatment pens. In most cases, within 24 hours, your animal can be treated.


New Standard works hard at preventing by setting up the proper equipment and construction needed to ensure the sows well being. Please consider following us on all our platforms below. Also, if you are interested in developing your next barn construction project, contact the crew at New Standard. We have multiple locations from Canada and the Upper Midwest.


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