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4th Freedom: Freedom to Express Normal Behavior


New Standard Staff


In our effort to continue the pursuit of animal welfare, we decided to enlist Kevin Kurbis about the 5 Freedoms, which has been used as a guideline for many producers around the world.

A Brief History

5 Freedoms started back when the UK government in 1965, decided there needed to be a protocol for the welfare of animals. The Farm Animal Welfare Council then tweaked these 5 freedoms in the 70's. 

The Five Freedoms

These freedoms have become a primary measuring tool, a checklist of required steps to maintain good animal welfare. We are farmers, producers, and the like; we have a responsibility to educate how we are caring for our animals. 

In this series, we are covering: Freedom from Hunger and Thirst, Freedom from Discomfort, Freedom from Pain and Injury, Freedom to Express Normal Behavior, Freedom from Fear and Distress.

Freedom to Express Normal Behavior

This freedom means providing sufficient space, proper facilities, and the company of the animal's own kind. "This is one of my personal favorites," states Kevin. "Actually, the majority of the team enjoys this freedom."

New Standard studies what the animals would want to do, their behaviors, and their natural tendencies. Then we ask the question, 'How do we make sure we get them to that as close as possible?'

New Standard believes that allowing the animal to do what comes naturally to them and working to build around those needs will result in better production and better well-being for the animal.

Sufficient Space

The key importance is giving different square foot allotments to the animals depending on their size. By focusing on their needs, New Standard can design spaces that accommodate for resting, roaming, and interaction.

Proper Facilities

This is done by proper air quality control and the use of the Fusion Barn Control.

Company of Animals Own Kind

Animals will run around in what is called a "sounder," which is like making a family unit. Even in a large group of animals, they will make smaller groups of their own "sounders". They will be comfortable with the group of their own kind, but they will congregate and often follow each other around the barn areas with smaller groups.

Nautical noun
a herd of wild swine.
"he spied a sounder of pigs trotting through the garden."


This is the core Freedom that New Standard focuses on to click all the boxes that an animal needs for their freedoms and well-being. Please consider following us on all our platforms below. If you are interested in developing your next barn construction project; contact the crew at New Standard. We have multiple locations from Canada and the Upper Midwest.


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