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4 Reasons Your Barn Should Include Nedap Equipment


Brad Carson, Vice-President Nedap Livestock Management U.S.A

New Standard designs and equips your hog barn with Nedap equipment

You have many choices when it comes to the feeding equipment you select for your new or remodeled sow barn. When choosing ESF systems, think about what is unique about your farm and what you need to future proof your farm. Then, choose a management system that can support your individual operation. 

Here are four reasons Nedap ESF is the right system for your group sow housing barn:


1. Experience

Nedap has placed more ESF systems in North American barns than any other company. Being the ESF leader means Nedap has the most experience helping people and pigs transition and thrive in their new group gestation pens with ESF. Our experience can help you minimize sow aggression, minimize feed waste and maximize performance in your barn.


2. Service and Application Support

At Nedap, we think a smooth installation is the key to helping a sow housing operation meet its production goals with its new ESF system. We are proud of the service and application support team we have on the ground. This team is tops in the industry, ensuring your installations run as they were meant to. The U.S. pork industry agrees, because we are asked to do more installations year after year. Our team is growing so we can continue to provide the installation and follow up support you, our current and future customers expect.

3. Well-built Equipment

Our ESF equipment is built to last the life of the barn. From the heavy-gauge, hot dipped, galvanized steel to the Paneltim® panels, we ensure our equipment is built to hold up to the wear and tear of daily use in even the harshest environments. We have the best built ESF station on the market, period.

4. Superior Technology

Nedap first applied RFID technology to cows in 1974 using that experience to begin applying the same technology to sows in 1982. The goal from the beginning was to feed individual animals within groups. Throughout the next decade, our technology expanded to include automated heat detection and central separation, which set us apart from our competitors by allowing us to manage sows in large, dynamic pens. In 2005, we added the capacity to check sow ID’s in central separation, and in 2006, we introduced VELOS software. Today, we provide tools for all phases of pig production including pig sorting, pig performance testing and farrowing feeding, as well as our most recent addition – weight monitoring for our ESF system. We have also expanded the ways our system provides information to you, including through sow tracking, smart phone integration and email alerts. Along the way, Nedap has remained the proven leader in RFID technology in all our systems, making us the most trusted choice by you, the US farmer.

New Standard Group has been recognized as an outstanding Nedap dealer and is committed to providing custom hog barn designs integrated with the latest ESF technology. Sow housing continues to be revolutionized by Nedap's systems, and that is why we choose to supply our hog barn designs with their innovative equipment. If you are interested in learning more about the latest advancements in sow housing and electronic feeding, check out Nedap's pig solutions or start a conversation with the New Standard team by clicking the link below.

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