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Interview with Andrew Howerton of Reliance Pork - The Modern Producer Podcast


New Standard Staff

Good Day!


Welcome back to the Modern Producer Podcast. Today we have a great episode for you with some new voices. We welcome our own Ben Cochren to the podcast as he interviews our special guest, Andrew Howerton of Reliance Pork in Blairstown, MO.

Ben and Andrew go way back and the story of their reconnecting is worth the listen on it's own. Andrew is the Production Manager at Reliance Pork and shares his story of growing up on the farm, leaving for a season and returning to the operations. 

From leadership tips and insights on managing a larger barn team, Andrew has a lot to share about his experiences. Don't miss the end of the episode where Andrew shares his, must read books in regards to business and management. 

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.   


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