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Borders, Beer & Bacon - The Modern Producer Podcast


New Standard Staff


Good Day! 
Welcome back to the Modern Producer Podcast. While the US - Canadian Boarders remain closed, Tim and Kevin are forced to catch up virtually, with beers in hand of course. 
In todays episode, the guys hit on lot of of topics and we even have a giveaway in the mix! 
Topics today include - 
  • Golden View project updates - equipment is on site, install coming soon! 
  • New Standard product options and products continue to grow - hear more on who and what we carry
  • New LED lighting options on the way - get a sneak peak
  • Future-Talk - get an inside into some new tech! 
Lastly - the contest! 
The guys would love to hear from you, comments on topics or questions, doesn't really matter what, give us a shout! Lots of ways to get-in-touch. 
  1. Record a message! You might make the show!
  2. Send us an email - Tim@NewStandardUS.comor
  3. Give us a call! Tim 605-496-9696 - Kevin 204-485-4600
We really do want your questions, insights and opinions! First 5 folks who reach out also get a New Standard hat! 
We look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy this episode! 
//The Modern Producer is a podcast focused on animal husbandry, mainly focused on Pigs, and Turkeys. In each episode, we discuss current trends, technology, and research. We invite you to join our discussion at Please also check out our bi-annual publication, The Modern Producer and //
To reach New Standard Group about your Hog Barn Design and Equipment needs or Turkey Barn Ventilation needs - please visit


We look forward to your feedback and comments. 

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We'd love to hear from you. If you have any topics or ideas you want to listen to us discuss. Please send us a request, or comment below.


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