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ESF REMODEL: A&A Van Ginkel Farms


New Standard Staff

“New Standard is truly knowledgeable in the product they provided and are quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have.”

One of the main deciding reasons we decided to go with New Standard West as our equipment supplier, was the knowledge and experience that Kase van Ittersum has. He was able to suggest parts that would work as a complete system.

The suggestions that he made, once implemented, have worked very well over the years. New Standard supported and trained us in the installation and use of all the systems. 

Working with New StandardWest and Kase van Ittersum is an exceptionally good experience. New Standard is truly knowledgeable in the product they provided and are quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have. The systems are working as promised and we would not hesitate to recommend New Standard for all your in barn needs.



Leslieville, Alberta, Canada


300 Sow Farrow to Finish with ESF barn


Renovated Sow barn from Stalls to ESF initial plans Feb 2018

Equipment Installed &Supplied by New Standard Group

  • PanelTim
  • PanelsS.S. Penning
  • PostsEMI
  • Fans
  • Microfan
  • Ventilation
  • Chain Disk Feeding
  • Nedap ESF
    • 1 Group with self training gates in gilt development area.
    • 1 Group with 38 gilts with 1 NedapFeed station and heat detection
    • 1 Group with 160 Gestation Sows,4- Nedap Stations, 1- Sow Weighing,1-Sow Separation and Heat detection.



Topics: ESF, Barn Remodel, Case Study


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