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The Importance of a Group Sow Housing Partner Beyond Install [Video]


New Standard Staff

The Importance of a Group Sow Housing - New Standard Group


Francis Forst from Synergy LLC in Missouri knew he wanted to go with group sow housing and an electronic sow feeding system (ESF system), and he did his research on businesses that could partner with him to help him do it. That research led him to New Standard. For Forst, the biggest difference between New Standard and the competition has been our follow up training, education, and service. But don't take our word for it, hear it from Forst himself in his interview with our own Kevin Kurbis.



As a producer you have a lot on your mind. Having the data you need to make decisions in the moment is vital to growing a successful farm. To read more on this topic, click below. 

in open sow housing, data is money

Topics: Design, Electronic Feeding, Penning & Gating, Sow Housing


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