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Introducing: Smartphone-Controlled Feed Sensors


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Introducing iDOL (1)

One of our vendors, DOL Sensors, recently introduced technology enabling producers to easily adjust sensor settings, directly from their smartphones. This sensor has a ton of different applications from poultry to swine, all at an affordable price point. 

The new system, iDOL, allows producers to download the SmartAdjust app. Through the app, producers have direct access to the sensors' software, allowing them to adjust numerous settings.

Before this, producers only had the ability to adjust two different parameters on their sensors, and usually with a screwdriver.

"It is simple," said Henrik Blæsbjerg, Sales Manager for DOL. "Everybody knows how to operate a smartphone. You talk to a kid who's 10 years old, he can operate that smartphone better than you."

For more about the iDOL system, check out the video below:



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