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Matt Booth Series: Part 1


New Standard Staff
\Tim and Kevin had a chance to sit down with certified speaking professional Matt Booth. His talent is connecting humor and quick wit with people to create positive attitude changes. In this 3-part blog series we break down some of the key points Matt discussed with Tim and Kevin.
To hear the full podcast, click the link here:
Let’s dive in!
The main focus on this series was how farmers and producers can stay positive during the hard seasons. How does one stay focused on the goals? Matt Booth discusses a 5-step solution he calls N.E.E.D.S.
In this first part of the series we discuss Navigating Negativity and Energy.

Navigating Negativity

Many people do not intentionally think and plan how they are going to navigate themselves away from negative situations. “The world is negative,” states Matt Booth. “Quick example, people get up, watch two hours of news each day. Two hours of news, it’s not helpful.” Booth goes on to discuss that intentionally steering yourself through negative situations, does little to combat pessimistic living.
The issue is we can’t always avoid negativity. Booth states that what he sees during his traveling is an indication of this issue. “Everyone thinks from the previous generation that the current generation is chaotic,” Matt says. This breeds a lack of responsibility on ones self.
We can learn to adjust how we deal with negativity without deflecting. He states an example of his wife, who struggled connecting with a negative friend every month. She spent 5 out of the 30 days fretting and then recovering from dealing with this friend. The solution, Booth suggested that she meet with this friend once a year instead. “You can’t expect to be a positive person if you are surrounded by negative people,” Matt states. “Birds of a feather flock together. We know all those things, we just don’t live it.”

So how does this apply to farmers and producers?

Tim stated a good question to Matt. “There are seasons--stretches where no matter how hard you work, nothing is turning out. How do you handle that? You are killing yourself trying to make it work.”
No one can be positive all the time. Bad situations happen. However we can curb this by the way we deal with these rough seasons, by attitude. There has to be an allowance to feel the emotions when something isn’t working out, however there is a careful line. “The trick, especially for farmers and people in the Ag Industry, is making sure negative thinking does not become a habit,” Matt states.
The main point is, being aware of the attitude you present, because it affects not just you, but everyone else.
“Be a farmer and be proud of it,” says Matt. “Then allow everything else to happen.”


The next key to Booth's system is Energy. What is his take on it?
To live an emotionally positive and successful life, it takes energy.
Matt Booth posed two important questions. How much energy are you bringing into each day? What are you putting into your body?
These two questions lead to two big aspects of human living: sleep and eating. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating well? "The biggest thing I found with producers is the sleep factor,” Matt states. “People are not getting enough sleep. Sleep is the Swiss army knife of health.”

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep has a number of benefits from repairing the body to helping the mind. It gives people energy. It repairs cells in the body. The average North American needs 7-8 hours of sleep.
Tim mentions that he can tell when he doesn’t get enough sleep. “If I miss an hour,” Tim says. “I can tell.”
The other issue with not getting enough sleep is requiring stimulants to keep our energy up. We reach for caffeinated beverages that promise to keep the body boosted. There is also the realization of other duties that are required after working hours. Not getting enough sleep can cause those basic needs to become a slog, and less satisfying.

The Importance of Food

Not everyone is great at balanced meals and eating at the appropriate times of the day. What we eat can positively and negatively impact the body and mind. If one wants a positive attitude, then one needs to consider how food can greatly impact attitude.
Serotonin is the key piece of the brain that helps regulate sleep, appetite, meditate moods, and understanding pain. About 95% of serotonin is produced in the gastrointestinal tract. The food we consume can reduce the amount of good bacteria needed to create serotonin.
The other issue is the amount of water we drink. CBS did a study and about half of the US country is dangerously close to being dehydrated. That's bound to affect your bodies ability to function well, digest food properly and flush out waste as needed.

What does this mean to you?

It's the cliche adage: Watch what you eat. Listen to how your body responds to the food you eat over a 24 hour period of time.
So, how do people take positive steps to changing these habits?
Booth says it simply. “Some people will, but most won’t. Many are not uncomfortable enough to do so. We have clean water, we have good food, no worries about heat. We are complacent.”

How does Energy combat Negativity?

The sleep and meals all play a role in stimulating positive thinking. Well rested bodies and minds help to process situations and tasks more efficiently. Eating balanced meals helps to stabilize the Serotonin, making us better beings to be around.
Booth noticed an interesting trend among positive thinking people, and the way they curb those bad habits. “When they get up in the morning, they have a plan for the day. It is easier to have a positive attitude. Doesn’t mean that the plan always works, and you have to go to Plan B or C. but when you get up in the morning, and you setup your top 3 things for that day to maximize their value, it will change the mood.”

We hope you've enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for parts two and three. 


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