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Mikael Kirk with Agrisys - The Modern Producer Podcast


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Good Day!

Welcome to episode 3 of the Modern Producer Podcast. On today's show, we welcome Mikael Kirk!

Mikael and his company AGRISYS is based in Denmark and is a leader in sow equipment development worldwide.

AGRISYS Protein Automation was founded by Mikael in 2009. AGRISYS provides solutions for individual feeding and the foundation for optimal results.

Our discussion covers Mikael's experiences in building and designing barns in China, Southeast Asia, and Europe. We explore new some new tech being rolled out and more! You don't want to miss this episode.

To learn more about Mikael and AGRISYS, please check out some of these links:


AGRISYS's Website

AGRISYS on LinkedIn

AGRISYS on Facebook

AGRISYS on YouTube



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