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New Standard is Proud to Be Partnering With Maple Leaf in Their Conversion to Loose Sow Housing


New Standard Staff



Testimonial From Maple Leaf

"Maple Leaf Foods has selected the NEDAP Electronic Sow Feeder as the feeder of choice for all of our open housing conversions. It is reliable, has low maintenance requirements and it’s durable construction withstands the barn environment. The NEDAP feeders permit individual and precise sow feeding that has improved variation in body condition. It allows for the right amount of nutrients to be delivered to every single sow on a daily basis at each stage of her gestation period, improving her health and welfare. NEDAP’s North American dealer, New Standard Ag Inc. have been a great source of support during construction and very helpful with follow up questions after conversions."


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Topics: Design, Electronic Feeding, Sow Housing


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