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Not All Group Housing is Created Equal [Infographic]


New Standard Staff

Not All Group Housing Is


Group housing is group housing, right?

Loose sow housing is loose sow housing, right?


We've seen it so many times. Other companies are promoting their equipment that only work with their own version of "loose" sow housing. The only problem is that a majority of current design offerings keep sows in stalls for just under half of their gestation.

But it’s not just our opinions on which options are best for sows, the facts speak for themselves.

The following infographics describe the amount of time spent in loose sow housing versus the time spent in stalls.

We break it down into four categories based on when sows are re-introduced into the open gestation pen and how the farrowing is designed.

  • Post-Insemination Re-Entry with Traditional Farrowing
  • Post-Insemination Re-Entry with Turn Around Stall Farrowing
  • Post-Implantation Re-Entry with Traditional Farrowing
  • Post-Implantation Re-Entry with Turn Around Stall Farrowing


Can you spot the difference?

Wide Comparison - Single Graphic Post Insemination with Open Farrowing1
No matter how loudly they talk about animal husbandry, if they aren't putting sows in until after implantation, they aren't running true group sow housing.
Curious why all this matters? Learn more. 
Post Implantation vs. Post Insemination Re-entry for Sows - Why it Matters Learn More

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