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Our System Just Works. Hear from Producers at WPX 2018


New Standard Staff

Our System Just Works - Hear From Producers (1)

Curious about open sow housing? Wondering what other group housing producers think of our system? We discussed the topic at length at World Pork 2018 this summer, and we don't want you to miss out!

Check Out Our Loose Sow Housing Panel Discussion 

During WPX 2018 we hosted and video recorded a question and answer panel discussion on open sow housing, featuring barn owners and producers who represented years of research and invaluable expertise. We've made this video available to the public, so don't miss out!


Topics Covered

With lively discussions on everything from heat detection, gilt training, feedback techniques, and more, we enjoyed hearing from the producers and experts who use our systems daily. 

There's no better way to learn about this topic than hearing directly from the experts. 


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Interested in viewing our panel discussion at WPX 2018? Click below to access our extensive video coverage. 


Ever wish you could get a group of group sow housing experts together to answer all your questions? We did that. Watch the video.


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