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Reflections on 14 Years of New Standard Group


New Standard Staff


New Standard just celebrated their 14th year in business. We decided to reach out the guys for their thoughts on the last 14 years and what the journey has meant to them so far. We hope you enjoy the unique perspectives and insights everyone had to offer. 

Thoughts from Kees van Ittersum - New Standard West

When we started New Standard, I was convinced that technology would have a major role in animal husbandry. There is truth in that, and we have used our expertise to build a company we can be proud of. We have had great customers, corporate and private, and thanks to our suppliers, products we believe in. We can say we have put Electronic Sow Feeding on the map in North America. Over the years we have seen more and more use of smart technology, to the point where it has become mainstream. With these achievements we have grown into a company that's excited for what's next. What’s next is
enhanced efficiency through the data generated by technology. What’s next is data, and we are ready.


Thoughts from Kevin Kurbis - New Standard Ag

New Standard Ag has just marked 14 years, and this gave us cause to look back at what this means to each of us. Personally, I am thankful each and every day for the opportunity to be part of this team. It’s been said that if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. Although my career in this industry extends well past the existence of New Standard, I have to say that for the last 14 years, it really hasn’t felt like work. And for that, I thank the New Standard team as well as our industry partners, but most of all, I thank our customers. Without your support, I would not be able to get up each and every day, and have a job that gives me such a purpose. We have seen huge changes and challenges over the last 14 years; facing those challenges is only possible because of the trust you have shown in us. I am humbled and proud at the same time of what we have accomplished together. I also know that there are big things coming for the future, and I am excited to be part of this together with you all. Once again, thank you for all the support over the years and stay tuned…this team has a bright future.


Tim Kurbis - New Standard US

The last 14 years have been some of the most engaging and rewarding years of my life. We started New Standard in 2006 with a desire to change the industry for the better in whatever fashion we could. We even used our company name as a way to convey that objective. While we'll never say we've arrived, and we're always trying to live up to our own name, I'd like to think we've done pretty well as far as our original intent goes. In so many ways, I have been blessed personally as has our company with a long list of wonderful partners and clients that we work with. We've had some losses with the passing of one of our original partners, and we've added some really amazing team members. Through it all, there has never been a doubt that when we stay true to who we are, we as a team can be very successful. My two business partners, Kees (Kase) van Ittersum, and my brother Kevin Kurbis, have made this both a fun experience and a journey of personal growth I could never have foreseen. In summary, I feel blessed beyond belief to be where I am today, and the gratitude I have for all the wonderful partners and clients I get to work with, cannot be properly expressed in any written way.


Thanks again to our suppliers, partners, customers, friends, and family for your support and partnerships the last 14 years. 

We can't do this without YOU!


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