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Video Tour of the Coon Creek 5,200 Sow Housing Facility


New Standard Staff

Coon Creek Sow Housing Facility

About Coon Creek

Coon Creek is a facility owned and operated by Synergy out of Lamar, MO. It is a state of the art multiplier facility producing the replacement sows for the barns of tomorrow. The barn has Nedap electronic sow feeders in group gestation pens designed by New Standard US, Inc.

With construction beginning late in 2015 (contractor: Win-Win from Beatrice, NE) and operations commencing in July of 2016, it will be a technological benchmark for others to copy for many years.

New Standard Hog Barn Designs

The sow's comfort and health along with your bottom line are our top priorities at New Standard. As Francis commented, a healthy sow is a happy sow. When your sows are healthy, they are less stressed and will produce more piglets. As you saw in the video, swine barns today are equipped with the latest technology and New Standard designs everything with this in mind. We pay attention to the importance of every small detail when drawing up a hog barn design. The hundreds of little things done right are what allow the pigs to be comfortable and your barn to operate efficiently.

Learn more about modern sow housing technology and group sow housing. Check out our latest articles or watch our video tours inside our hog facilities by clicking the button below.


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