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Watch a Group Sow Housing Remodel Timelapse [Video]


New Standard Staff

Timelapse From Stall Barn to Group Sow Housing - New Standard Group


Thomas Livestock's Pigeon Creek barn houses around 5,000 sows and up until recently, these sows were in traditional stalls. As a part of their complete conversion to group sow housing, this barn was due for a remodel. Watch the timelapse below. 

About the New Standard Process

When New Standard coordinates a barn remodel, we try to work in phases so barns never have to completely stop production. It makes for a gradual transition both for producers and sows. In this video you will see a timelapse of the first of eight stages in the remodel. 



Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sow Barn Conversions 

Some of the common comments we get are questions about if the girls are scared by all the commotion. We have not found that to be the case. These sows are used to a high level of activity around the barn, so a few extra workers doesn't bother them. That being said, all of the workers are instructed to do their best to minimize animal stress while they work. 

Another concern we have heard is that the noise of construction could be a stressor. Thankfully, any construction noise is nothing to the noise of a stall barn. Stall barns have been said to be louder than a 747 at takeoff, and that isn't an exageration. Noise is one of the many benefits of moving to a group housing option with electronic feeders. You don't have the noise of sows banging on their feeders, which leads to happier pigs and happier employees. 

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