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What Do Producers Really Think of PanelTIM?


New Standard Staff

What Do Producers Really Think of Paneltim? - New Standard Group

PanelTIM's polypropylene panels have taken off in the North American hog industry with their combination of lightweight materials, durability, cleanliness, and quality design. On a molecular level they are stronger and cleaner than PVC, not to mention they hold up to years of abuse, something hogs are notoriously good at providing.

Those of us in the hog building industry get really excited about products like this, but we want to give you a producers perspective on the product. We interviewed three producers from different states to see how their PanelTIM penning and gating has held up to the test of time...and pigs.

Robert Glanzer

3,000 head finisher barn
PanelTIM installed 3 years ago

"We've had PanelTIM in our barn for 3 years after we heard about it from our ventilation guy. We were so tired of the old style with cement walls and we weren't interested in PVC for this barn because we have had PVC in the past and it just breaks. In my experience, PVC panels last 1 or 2 years at the most. There was always something somewhere that was broken.

PanelTIM has 100 percent held up. It is an install and forget about it product. The gates work very well.  Everyone that sees them is impressed with how smoothly they open and shut.  The only issue I've encountered, and it is an easy fix, is that the product does expand slightly in heat and contract slightly in the cold. We have one gate that was cut in warmer weather and as a result fits a bit tighter. But all that would take to fix is a few minutes.

We had a room that was set up with PanelTIM that we wanted to switch out from a finisher to a sow area, and in 2 hours it was empty. That would have never happened with another product. It is easy to use and such a flexible product. We're very happy."


Kyle Vogt

Advanced Ag, Paneling Installer

"I've used PanelTIM in several open housing projects and I can say that it is 100% better than other paneling; this is both in terms of strength and durability. It is more expensive, but you get more longevity from the product. At the end of the day it pays for itself because the pigs don't wear it down. I would love it if more companies we worked with would install it!"


Chet Mogler

4,400 head gestation and farrowing
PanelTIM installed 2 years ago

"The PanelTIM is definitely superior to any other plastic type product I’ve ever seen. It is very durable compared to PVC. PVC tends to be brittle. It shatters, and cracks. PanelTIM washes up well. The stainless hardware has been built well. With stainless being a more brittle metal, we had concerns about its ability to withstand the environment of a hog barn; because pigs will try and damage anything they can if given the opportunity. However, the hinges have held up very well. The panels and gates operate well, and sure looks like it will last the length that we need it to."  


We have received a number of similar responses from other producers who have opted for PanelTIM. It is a great product that holds up well to the rigors of agricultural application, and we appreciate that it is versatile enough to allow for changes to your design without having to destroy your barn. 

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