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Stall Barn to Loose Sow ESF Barn Conversion - Greenwald (Part 1)


New Standard Staff


The retrofit project at Greenwald Colony is well underway. The Greenwald Colony is converting their traditional gestation stall barn into a loose sow housing set up with an electronic sow feeding systems (ESF). Kevin Kurbis (New Standard Ag) had designed the project and is facilitating the entire remodel. This video shows the barn (still mostly stalls) at the beginning of the transformation. Kevin explains the process and many of the steps we are going to see along the way. So without further delay - here's Kevin!

If you have any questions on this project or the process of converting a stall barn to a modern ESF setup, we'd love to hear them; contact us here!



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Topics: Design, Electronic Feeding, Penning & Gating, Gestation, Barn Design


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