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Greenwald: Sow Stall Barn to Loose Housing Remodel


New Standard Ag took on a renovation project located at Greenwald Colony, in Brokenhead, Manitoba, Canada.  The renovations started in early January 2020. Before renovations, it was servicing 1200 head of sow. The crew and the client worked to get the barn fully empty in March. Renovations were completed and filled with sows at the beginning of August 2021. This was a great example of the fine eye for detail, taking advantage of space, and utilizing the whole facility to its full potential.

Increase Conception Rates with Simple Changes


A few weeks back, we had one of our clients stop by our Sioux Falls office for a cup of coffee. As we begin visiting about the state of it all, the topic of conception rates came up as our client had just recently started implementing our suggested strategy for introducing breed sow (gilts) back into the pen. His results were so surprising and wonderful, he asked why we hadn't forced him to do it this way months ago! 

The Case of the Meishan Boars


Since their introduction to the United States in 1989, the Meishan breed of pigs has developed quite a reputation. We've heard some fun stories over the years and in our 'So What's Next?' interviews, we surveyed the producers to see if they had anything to share, here is what we got.

Stall Barn to Loose Sow ESF Barn Conversion - Greenwald (Part 1)


The retrofit project at Greenwald Colony is well underway. The Greenwald Colony is converting their traditional gestation stall barn into a loose sow housing set up with an electronic sow feeding systems (ESF). Kevin Kurbis (New Standard Ag) had designed the project and is facilitating the entire remodel. This video shows the barn (still mostly stalls) at the beginning of the transformation. Kevin explains the process and many of the steps we are going to see along the way. So without further delay - here's Kevin!

Honey Grove: Forwarding Technology in Hog Barns


Located in Northwestern Missouri, Honey Grove a technology progressive hog barn, contacted the New Standard team design and create a new hog barn with the latest automation and comfort features to support up to 5,000 hogs.



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