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Video Demonstration of Winter Poultry Barn Ventilation [VIDEO]


New Standard Staff

Video Demonstration of Winter Poultry Barn Ventilation [VIDEO].png 

When we think about creating efficient poultry barn ventillation systems, many times the focus is on the hot summer temps. But winter can be an issue for birds too. After all, heat rises and turkeys spend their time on the ground. In this video we use a fog machine to show how establishing a good ventillation system can redirect the air flow down to your birds to keep them warm, even during the coldest winter months. 

How Ventilation Varies in The Winter

In the winter, the goals of poultry barn ventilation change. Instead of expelling heat from the barn, your goal is to efficienty add heat to the space, recycle the heat the birds naturally create, and redistribute it all throughout the barn. 

Ventilation systems need to push the warm air down toward the birds during the colder months. If you can get an efficient fan setup to do this, it will help minimize your heating costs. When we are evaluating the ventilation plan for a poultry barn we sometimes use a fog machine. The fog allows us to see the flow of the air, and it is not harmful to the birds. If the fog (or heat) doesn't reach the wall and fall to the floor, this indicates a ventilation problem or "dead spot" and allows us to make changes. 

Not All Fans are Helpful

Part of the reason for this demonstration in this particular barn is that they had ceiling fans that were actually working against our goal of keeping the heat down by the birds. Using the fog machine gave us a visual way to show the barn ownership that keeping those particular ceiling fans off during the winter would help their efficiency. Check out our demonstration below!

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