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The Rising Concern of Critical Fusion Frequency


There is a growing concern about the implications of artificial light has on animals, specifically poultry. Here at New Standard, we believe in bringing the issue to light, to help educate about this rising issue.

Building Systems That Last: New Elm Spring Colony’s Transition to Microfan



Ten years ago, New Elm Colony was looking to build a new barn for their turkey operations.

After researching numerous solutions, Brian Wollman came to the conclusion that New Standard was the best option to suit their needs.

Flash forward a decade, and they’re still very pleased with the systems New Standard helped put in place.


Video Demonstration of Winter Poultry Barn Ventilation [VIDEO]



When we think about creating efficient poultry barn ventillation systems, many times the focus is on the hot summer temps. But winter can be an issue for birds too. After all, heat rises and turkeys spend their time on the ground. In this video we use a fog machine to show how establishing a good ventillation system can redirect the air flow down to your birds to keep them warm, even during the coldest winter months. 

How Tunnel Ventilation Has Impacted Turkey Production at Pembrook Colony


Why Tunnel Ventilation Must Be in Your Poultry Barn Design


Including tunnel ventilation in turkey finisher barn designs has become popular among poultry producers, but does it regulate temperature any better than natural or other mechanical poultry barn ventilation systems? We believe tunnel ventilation systems are more efficient and less costly, and our team has a wealth of experience designing and installing tunnel ventilation into turkey finishing houses. Read more on why you must include tunnel ventilation into your next turkey barn design.


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