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Bruce D Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre




New Standard had the chance to sit down and talk with Myrna Grahn about the Bruce D Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Center. It is located at the National Centre for Livestock and Environment at the University of Manitoba. The center helps to educate the public about the importance of agriculture within the community. They can receive up to 1500 people, who come through the center in one day!

Their main mission, “people want to genuinely learn and know. It’s a personal thing. People want more transparency,” says Myrna. This mission has turned the focus into a clear worded goal: traceability.

Bitcoin to Bacon: What you need to know about blockchain


Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain—it all sounds like made up tech lingo, right?

Well believe it or not, the technology fueling the cryptocurrency phenomenon is headed to a hog barn near you. As producers, it's time to get familiar with blockchain and how it’s going to impact your operation.

Consumer Pressure Driving Innovation: Where We Are Today



As we dive deeper and deeper into the information age, each of us has more access to any information we desire—from reviews on the best new car to purchase, to the best video streaming service, to finding out exactly where our meat comes from.


Well, that last one may not entirely be here yet, but it is happening.


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