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Tech Tips: Detecting Phishing Attacks


In 2021 cyber attacks on businesses increased by over 50%. Of these attacks, 90% of data breaches happened due to email phishing attempts. 

Email phishing is defined as the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Recipe: No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake


By Colben de Klein via The Modern Producer Magazine

Creating a Safety Culture - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

In this episode, we chat with Neil Armer, the Health and Safety Manager for Agrihub. Our discussion today covers safety topics from how to get started and how to implement a good safety culture in your operation successfully. We also cover the role technology is taking in safety. We hope you enjoy today's episode. Neil will be piping into the conversation in the future with our new safety tips segment on the podcast. Stay tuned for more. 

To learn more about Safety or to connect with Neil, please check out some of these links:

Contact Neil at:

Read the Blog :: Creating a Safety Culture on the Farm


Questions or ideas for future show topics? Please reach out, we'd love to hear from you.


//The Modern Producer is a podcast focused on animal husbandry, mainly focused on Pigs and Turkeys. In each episode, we discuss current trends, technology, and research. We invite you to join our discussion at Please also check out our bi-annual publication, The Modern Producer and //

Regenerative Agriculture with Dan Cloutier - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

We've back! We've got a great discussion today with guest Dan Cloutier from Agrihub. Today we're discussing regenerative agriculture and three key areas, vertical farming, biogas and net zero building operations. Sustainable agriculture is a popular topic and as Dan explains it, "a lifestyle designed for permanence". There is a lot to cover and we hope you enjoy this chat! 

10 Tech Tips for the Farm


We asked the AGRIHUB IT team for some quick tips to ensure you’re on top of your tech at the farm! You should find this quick refresh helpful in keeping your tech online and your hardware safe. If you have any helpful tips, comment below!

Modern Producer Summer 2022 Edition


The Summer 2022 Edition of the Modern Producer is here! 

Myth of the Meltdown


If you've been in animal husbandry for any length of time, you've maybe heard a story from someone who heard it from a friend whose uncle's brother-in-law... you get the idea of the fabled Barn Meltdown? But are these stories urban legend, a thing of the past or something to address? The topic recently came up in the office, and we decided to break it down and add our two cents to the worst-case scenario discussion.

Wireless Tech in Pig Barns - Where We're At


We're involved in setting up more and more wireless systems in hog barns, new builds, and barn remodels alike. Now wifi is terrific with some planning and proper equipment. So how does it work? We spent some time with network pro Owen Gingerich who helped on our Honey Grove barn project, and New Standard's tech guru, Dwayne Morrow, to discuss the pros and cons and where wifi in barns stands in 2022. 

21/22 Winter Modern Producer Kid's Coloring Contest


Kids, you can win a $25 gift card! We will choose two winners in the USA and Canada! Good luck and we look forward to seeing your beautiful turkeys! 

More Than Parts, But We Have Those Too


Ben Cochran has been at New Standard US since 2014. His daily tasks include taking care of the main office, warehouse, shipping and receiving, project quotes and, deliveries.


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