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HEART: Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team

Grain and Milling Solutions at New Standard Ag

Tech Tips: Detecting Phishing Attacks

Foreign Animal Disease: Planning and Moving Forward

Confined Spaces on the Farm

Souris River Colony: Interactive Modern Hog Barn Tour

Recipe: No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake

Dairy Ventilation in Canada

Year-End Farm Financial Planning

Bon Homme Colony - South Dakota

Creating a Safety Culture - The Modern Producer Podcast

Regenerative Agriculture with Dan Cloutier - The Modern Producer Podcast

ROBOTIC MILKING: Deerfield Colony Case Study

Sustainability Benefits of Variable Speed Cross Ventilation

Greenwald Colony: Brokenhead, Manitoba, Canada

Manure Application: What You Need To Know

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Farm Accounting, R&D, & Estate Planning

10 Tech Tips for the Farm

Smoked Pork Belly - The Perfect Appetizer

Safety Culture on the Farm

Modern Producer Summer 2022 Edition

Turkey vs. Hog Tunnel Ventilation: They are not the same

Myth of the Meltdown

Wireless Tech in Pig Barns - Where We're At

Small Hog Barn Project with Big Impact

Colony Highlight: Platte Colony, Platte, South Dakota

Save Time, Feed, And Money

Animal Safety and Positive Pressure Ventilation

21/22 Winter Modern Producer Kid's Coloring Contest

More Than Parts, But We Have Those Too

Why We Do What We Do - The Modern Producer Podcast

ESF REMODEL: A&A Van Ginkel Farms

2022 Show Season Schedule

Why CO2 Sensors


Mikael Kirk with Agrisys - The Modern Producer Podcast

5th Freedom: Freedom from Fear & Distress

Greenwald: Sow Stall Barn to Loose Housing Remodel

4th Freedom: Freedom to Express Normal Behavior

Britt Roman from Munters - The Modern Producer Podcast

3rd Freedom: Freedom from Pain, Injury, or Disease

2nd Freedom: Freedom From Discomfort

1st Freedom: Freedom From Hunger and Thirst

Season 2 - The Modern Producer Podcast

So What's Next: Darren Sloan

Increase Conception Rates with Simple Changes

So What's Next: Dillan Meyer

So What's Next: Tim Friedel

So What's Next: Chet Mogler

1910 Elementary Agriculture

The Case of the Meishan Boars

So What's Next: Hunter Thomas

Cool Cells: More Than A Lifeline, It's a way of Barn Living

Case Study: University of Alberta Barn Conversion to ESF

Why You Need to Think About Cooling Your Birds Now: Turkey Tunnel Ventilation

Stall Barn to Loose Sow ESF Barn Conversion - Greenwald (Part 1)

Neudorf Colony: New Multi Barn Build with ESF

Born in Barn? Please Keep Your Doors Shut

Manage People? Check Out These Must Reads

Interview with Andrew Howerton of Reliance Pork - The Modern Producer Podcast

Borders, Beer & Bacon - The Modern Producer Podcast

Catching Up Part 2 - The Modern Producer Podcast

Catching Up Part 1 - The Modern Producer Podcast

Millbrook Farms Upgrades to Fusion Barn Automation

Honey Grove Barn Facts

Modern Pig Barns, Thoughts from a Pork Consumer

Honey Grove: Forwarding Technology in Hog Barns

Barn Ventilation: 71 Years of Progress

Reflections on 14 Years of New Standard Group

Interesting Hog Barn History

Pause or Fast-Forward?

Starting Your Social Media Following

Kid's Coloring Contest

Pig & Swig: Look's Marketplace

Angry at Life? Try this.

Haven Colony: The Move to ESF

Agvocating with Pipestone Vet Services

The Future of Hog Farms - Lessons from Europe

Farm Talk: 10 Tips For Every Producer

Turkey Talk with Dillan Meyer

Pig & Swig Series: Brazen Hall

Matt Booth Series: Part 3

Matt Booth Series: Part 2

Positive Company Culture in the Pig Barn

Matt Booth Series: Part 1

Bruce D Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre

Activator Farrowing Feeding with Chiel van Lenthe

Staying Positive In Tough Times

Now I can Laugh About It

The Rising Concern of Critical Fusion Frequency

Take Time to Stop and Smell the Pig Sh*t

A.I. in a Hog Finisher – It Does Make Sense

Bacon selling on my Chest

Benefits of Automated Farrowing Feeding

The Curse of the Nibbler

ESF in Europe a History with Mikael Kirk

Interview with Kevin Kurbis - The Last 10 Years

Interview with Chet Mogler - Pig Hill Farms

Technology In the Barn : What's here, what's coming.

The Last 10 Years: Reflection Piece

Bitcoin to Bacon: What you need to know about blockchain

Consumer Pressure Driving Innovation: Where We Are Today

Introducing The Modern Producer Podcast!

California’s Proposition 12 Sets Idealistic Restrictions on Pork Producers

Building Systems That Last: New Elm Spring Colony’s Transition to Microfan

Bringing Tunnel Ventilation to Silver Lake Colony's New Turkey Finishers

Check Out the Newest Issue of The Modern Producer

The Surprising History of the Holiday Ham

Our System Just Works. Hear from Producers at WPX 2018

Recipe for Pork Worstenbroodjes - with Maaike Campbell

3 Things Great Barn Owners Do in Difficult Times

Not All Group Housing is Created Equal [Infographic]

A Comparison of Creep Penning Options: Steel, PVC, or PanelTIM

South Dakota Turkeys Pardoned by the White House

How Boar Pens Can Improve Your Bottom Line

How the Pork Industry Can Attract Younger Generations

Post Implantation vs. Post Insemination Re-entry for Sows: Why It Matters

Overcome Your Fear of ASF

Using the TN Visa to Staff Your Barn

Introducing: Smartphone-Controlled Feed Sensors

The Ground Up Process of Building a New ESF Barn [Infographic]

The Advantages of Using PanelTIM in a Hog Barn [Video]

Olymel's Conversion to Group Housing Ramps Up with New Standard Partnership

Onboarding vs. Waterboarding: How Janae Metzger Makes Staff Onboarding Less of a Chore

6 Factors to Consider in Your Farrowing Room

The Secret to ESF Success: Gilt Self-Conditioning

Your Next Gilt Trainer Could Be Who You Least Expect

Making Sure Your ESF Data is Secure [VIDEO]

Hot Tips for Hot Weather: Barn Cleaning and ESF Training Pens

Partnering With Topigs Norsvin at the Delta Canada Boar Research Center

Converting a Stall Barn to a Group Sow Housing Barn at Pembina Colony

7 Surprises for a Newbie to Open Sow Housing

5 Technologies to Include in Your Next Sow Barn Design [Infographic]

Pavlov's Hogs and Classical Conditioning in Gilt Training

4 Reasons Meishans are Becoming the Teaser Boar of Choice

Meet The Experts - Ben Cochran

How to Follow New Standard on Social Media

Arno van Brandenburg on the Rise of the ESF System

What Do Producers Really Think of PanelTIM?

Why You Should Never Buy ESF Equipment

Meet The Experts - Dwayne Morrow

9 Barn Management Habits that Tank Sow Productivity

The Piggy Cafeteria

Managing Open Rates with Automatic Heat Detection and Central Separation 

Sow Barn Design Done by the Sow

Forward Exit ESF Just Works, Here's Why

Meet The Experts - Tim Kurbis

3 Things Great Sow Barn Managers Do Everyday

Meet the Experts - Kees (Kase) van Ittersum

3 Notable Swine Trends From Europe

Building a Sow Barn With New Standard: An Owner's Perspective

Video Demonstration of Winter Poultry Barn Ventilation [VIDEO]

Meet the Experts - Kevin Kurbis

We've Moved our US Location! See Our Brand New Building!

Thomas Livestock's Group Sow Housing Featured in National Hog Farmer

Should I Design My Sow Pens for Static or Dynamic Groups? Small or Large?

Don’t Forget About the Little Guy

The Importance of a Group Sow Housing Partner Beyond Install [Video]

Watch a Group Sow Housing Remodel Timelapse [Video]

You're Feeding Your Sows Too Fast - Group Sow Housing Research

Swine & Poultry Year In Review: The Best of 2017

Try This Easy Recipe for Chocolate Covered Bacon!

How Tunnel Ventilation Has Impacted Turkey Production at Pembrook Colony

What is the Future of the Pork Industry? - With Comments from Dr. Jennifer Brown

Precision Feeding in Gestating Sows, Or Sow Weight Watchers

How to Spatchcock and Roast Your Thanksgiving Turkey

The Evolution of the Farrowing Crate

Meet Dr. Jennifer Brown from the National Sow Housing Conversion Project

New Standard is Proud to Be Partnering With Maple Leaf in Their Conversion to Loose Sow Housing

Lessons Learned: How Managing Loose Sow Housing Is Like Being a Father and a Husband

Recipe: Pretzel-Breaded Turkey

Learn How Timely Sow Pen Data is Helping This Producer Reduce Inefficiencies

Some People Think Planning Your Hog Barn is Easy... It's Not!

With Loose Sow Hog Barn Designs You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

8 Tailgating Recipes You Have to Try This Weekend

If You Think Group Sow Housing Will Work, You're Right. If You Don't, You're Right.

Featured Research: Identifying Pig Personality Traits in Group-Housed Sows

Top 10 Bacon Recipes for Fall

Video: Converting to an Electronic Sow Feeding Barn

6 Pig Jokes That Are Sure to Make You Laugh

What to Ask Your Electronic Sow Feeding Equipment Salesman

Why Pork Is Becoming the Meat of Choice

5 BLT Recipes for Your Summer Picnic

Why Polypropylene Hog Pen Panels Should Be Used Everywhere in Your Hog Barn

[Infographic] Sow Feeding and Behavior in Group Gestation Pens

How To Keep Your Pig Healthy in Group Sow Pens

10 Things You'll Only Understand if You Work in a Swine Barn

5 Helpful Hints for Whole Hog Roasting

Meet Kees (Kase) van Ittersum, a Leading Expert in Group Sow Housing in North America

6 Musts of a Successful Gestating Pen Design

How Feeding Sows Effectively Can Feed Your Bottom Line

Video Tour of the Coon Creek 5,200 Sow Housing Facility

Are You Handling Stress in Group Sow Housing the Wrong Way?

7 Myths About Feeding Sows in a Group Gestation Pen

How Automated Sorting Improves Sow Pen Efficiency

How Each Swine Barn Makes the Next One Better

In Open Sow Housing, Data is Money

3 Reasons You Should Update Your Sow Gestation Pen Design Now Rather Than Later

Nedap Loose Sow Housing Testimonial - Shaping the Australian Market


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