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Bacon selling on my Chest



I take great pride in working in the pork industry, and have always tried to be a good ambassador to the general public. I find there are a lot of “myth-conceptions” about how pork is raised. As well as, some extremely wrong “facts” about the health factors associated with consuming meat.

Since changing the world is a daunting task, a few years ago I decided to try to change just one person at a time. Someone I have great respect for once told me to, “be an army of one”. I took that advice and ran with it. 


Benefits of Automated Farrowing Feeding



The Future of Hog Farms - Lessons from Europe


In a recent blog, we were able to interview Mr. Mikael Kirk of AgriSys about the history of loose sow housing and ESF in Europe. Our conversations brought us to the potential future of hog farming. Mikael had some interesting thoughts to share. 

The Curse of the Nibbler


So although the title of this blog may make you think of an cheap 80’s movie or one of those extremely unbelievable urban legends that were spread in the early days of email, we assure you that we are going to cover a serious topic. But as with so many things in life, it doesn’t hurt to also be able to see the humorous side of an issue. So let me set the scene for you:

ESF in Europe a History with Mikael Kirk



In recent discussions, we have been fairly nostalgic. Spending time thinking about where we came from can be helpful in figuring out where we are going. Also, as we have many relationships and conversations with our European neighbors, we are reminded that at least here in the US, we are behind in some of the latest in terms of animal well-being. This is not to say everyone is behind, but as a whole, compared with Scandinavia and Europe we have areas we can still improve and grow in to. 


We recently were able to talk with our good friend Mikael Kirk of AgriSys based in Denmark. Mikael founded ArgiSys in 2009 and has experience with transitioning many barns to ESF as well as new projects all over the world. 


Interview with Kevin Kurbis - The Last 10 Years



Good Day!

On today's episode we chat with Kevin Kurbis on about the last 10 years in hog production.

Good Day! Today we get nostalgic with Kevin Kurbis on the last ten years reflecting on advancements in the pork industry. We talk about Technology changes, updates to equipment and even approaches, big data and how we might practically apply these updates to our operations. 
Want to learn more? Check out our recent blog on the topic as well -


ASF - The Potential to Change the Pork Industry as we know it


ASF is the buzz right now and has been for a while, and for a good reason. The devastating disease could alter the course of pork production as we know it. 

Recently we came across a report from INTL • FCStone, a group of companies that provide financial services worldwide. The report is titled, Chinese Pig Epidemic Poised to Reshape Global Trade, and is quite the eyebrow raiser. 

If you’d like to read the full report, you can find it here. If not, we’ve pulled some interesting thoughts from the article, with our opinions added.

We’d also love you to weigh in if you have thoughts on this matter. No one knows what will happen, but we believe this speculation is worthwhile.


Interview with Chet Mogler - Pig Hill Farms



Good Day!

On today's episode we get a chance to visit with Chet Mogler from Pig Hill Farms. 

Chet Mogler has been raising hogs his whole life. In 2015 the family farm decided to build a new "state of the art" facility with a loose sow housing approach along with electronic sow feeding and other new technology. The new barn houses 4400 head. On the Modern Producer Podcast, we talk with Chet about making decisions on building the facility and how things are going today. We hope you enjoy our conversation and gain some insight from an experienced pork producer. 

To learn more about Pig Hill Farms, visit:

Enjoy the episode! 

Technology In the Barn : What's here, what's coming.


Good Day!


Today we dive into technology and barns, what we can do today, and what might be coming. Tim, Kevin, Dwayne, and Chet and share their ideas on technology.

From L.E.D. lighting to Artificial Intelligence - we recommend you give this episode a listen.


The Last 10 Years: Reflection Piece


When I was asked to write an article reflecting on recent advancements in the pork production industry, I was first forced to evaluate where we were ten years ago. That was a reasonably straightforward exercise for me, as my son is currently ten years old—but where were we as an industry? Here are a few things that came to mind. They help explain the advancements in both the pork industry and our daily lives.


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