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Meet The Experts - Marc Anderson


When you purchase from New Standard, you don't just get efficient barn design and great equipment, you also get exceptional service and expertise. Over the past few months we have been featuring each of our team members so that you can get to know the experts behind New Standard. Keep reading to learn more about Marc Anderson!

9 Barn Management Habits that Tank Sow Productivity


Steve Horton has been working with Thomas Livestock for eight years. He currently serves as the farrowing supervisor for four sow barns. In his 42 years in the hog industry, Horton has seen plenty of barn management styles and observed firsthand how that can impact worker and sow productivity. We sat down with Horton and asked him about barn management habits that negatively impact sow production. Keep reading for Horton's thoughts. 

The Piggy Cafeteria


Let's imagine you’re at a large workplace that has a cafeteria where all workers eat. You can even have it catered by your favorite restaurant if you want; after all, this is your analogy. 

Every day at lunch time, you head over to the cafeteria to grab lunch along with your friends. The cafeteria analogy works well as you’re given free choice on where you sit and who you hang out with.

Meet The Experts - Jon Parker


Over the past few weeks and months we have been featuring our New Standard team members in several question and answer posts. Read on and learn more about Jon Parker!

Managing Open Rates with Automatic Heat Detection and Central Separation 


This will probably seem like a no-brainer, but one of the biggest factors determining success on a hog farm is making sure the sows that are supposed to be pregnant are actually pregnant. In traditional gestation stalls workers are tasked with performing ultrasound on each bred sow, a job that can be dangerous both for workers and pigs. Time consumption is a big factor with this method.

Even after switching to group housing, some farms still struggle to find a good system for identifying sows in heat. Watching for visual signs of estrus is a skill that takes time to develop and require close staff monitoring. Thankfully with New Standard and Nedap Livestock Management, the task of identifying and dealing with open sows gets a whole lot easier. 

Sow Barn Design Done by the Sow


There are plenty of schools of thought on barn design; some design for the health and happiness of the sow, some design for the most functionality in a small space, some design for the convenience of the owner or producer. But only a sow could design her space exactly how she wants it. Here are four things we believe a sow would include in the blueprints of the barn if she was the one in charge!  

Forward Exit ESF Just Works, Here's Why


At New Standard, we strongly believe that forward exiting electronic feeders facilitate the best barn layout for sows. In addition to being supported by research, forward exiting just plain works. Forward exiting is vital to ESF success for several reasons.

Meet The Experts - Tim Kurbis


Service and knowledge in the industry is what sets New Standard apart. But it doesn't seem fair to ask you to trust us when you may not know us! Read on and learn more about one of the founding partners, Tim Kurbis!

3 Things Great Sow Barn Managers Do Everyday


Steve Horton is the sow farm supervisor for Thomas Livestock in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Thomas Livestock converted to group sow housing four years ago. If there is one thing Horton has learned it is that having great barn management is a major determining factor in whether you succeed or fail in the business. Great barn managers contribute to a healthy working environment that keeps the best employees happy and engaged in the work of your farm. But what should great sow barn managers be doing every day to help create that environment? 
We chatted with Horton and got his thoughts on the top three daily things that seperate great sow barn managers from... the other guys.

Meet the Experts - Kees (Kase) van Ittersum


Today we continue our Meet the Experts of New Standard series with a focus on one of the founders, Kees van Ittersum. And in case you didn't already know, Kees is pronounced just like Kase. 

Over the next few weeks we'll be featuring the faces of New Standard in several question and answer posts. If you're a current customer, most of these staff faces won't be strangers, but we still think that some of their answers might surprise you!


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