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Interesting Hog Barn History


Pause or Fast-Forward?


Everyone is canceling everything.

Starting Your Social Media Following


Over the last few months, New Standard Group has been diving more into the connection or lack thereof between farmers and consumers and what things we (farmers and producers) need to be aware of as we continue our work and keep up with the world around us. 

Kid's Coloring Contest


Here at New Standard we are looking to shake things up. We know the kids are at home more often than ever before. So we've decided to host a New Standard Coloring Contest!

We will have two age groups - 4-7 years old & 8-12 years old. 

Winner will be selected in each age group in the US and Canada. 

There will be four winners, one from each age group and each country! Winners will receive a $25 VISA gift card.

Pig & Swig: Look's Marketplace


In our next Pig & Swig adventure, we visited a Sioux Falls historical establishment, Look's Marketplace.

*Please be advised this article was created before the pandemic. Look's Marketplace offers carry-out options. Please review their website here, for more information.*


Angry at Life? Try this.


As we all experience this crazy time in life we wanted to share some content from our friend Matt Booth to help you get through those harder days. Check out this "Midweek Wake Up", if it helps you we encourage you to share it with someone in your life. We hope you find the ideas helpful! Take care!


- New Standard Team 


Are you angry at life? Are you easily annoyed or offended? Do you often react to people and events in a negative manner? Ever have 'One of Those Days'?

Haven Colony: The Move to ESF


Haven Colony is located in Fox Valley in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada. At the end of January, 2014, Terry Mandel and crew took over the hog barn from two gentlemen who were retiring. "Before hog farming I grew up on the field, and I was voted in to run the pigs, it was a really big change, but I love working with pigs." say Terry. 

Agvocating with Pipestone Vet Services



Good Day!
In this episode, we chat with Sylvia Wolters and Alicia Mogler, who both work in public relations for Pipestone Vet Services. Sylvia & Alicia host many events each year, from fairs to trade shows, bringing the farm to the public. Visitors have the opportunity to experience live births and get face to face with pigs, chickens, and more.

The Future of Hog Farms - Lessons from Europe


In a recent blog, we were able to interview Mr. Mikael Kirk of AgriSys about the history of loose sow housing and ESF in Europe. Our conversations brought us to the potential future of hog farming. Mikael had some interesting thoughts to share. 

Farm Talk: 10 Tips For Every Producer


When having the opportunity to share about farming, whether for a newspaper, a tour, or standing in line at the grocer, it's important to remember you are an Ambassador. Being an Ambassador for Ag is incredible.


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