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Millbrook Farms Upgrades to Fusion Barn Automation


New Standard Group recently had the opportunity to install a new barn automation system for Millbrook Farms. FUSION Building Automation System by ControlTech is the latest in barn automation technology. Easy to program and monitor this system has been a game-changer for Millbrook. Don't just take our word for it, hear how the new system is working from the producer, Joe Waldner.

Honey Grove Barn Facts


Modern Pig Barns, Thoughts from a Pork Consumer


What comes to mind when you think of a barn? Well, if you are like me and don't work in a barn every day, or ever, you might say some things like hay, dusty, dark, dirty, and old. This June I had the chance to visit a brand new modern hog barn. It's safe to say my old thoughts about barns have been thrown out the window. Below I have simply outlined my impressions and experience as I explored Honey Grove. 

Honey Grove: Forwarding Technology in Hog Barns


Located in Northwestern Missouri, Honey Grove a technology progressive hog barn, contacted the New Standard team design and create a new hog barn with the latest automation and comfort features to support up to 5,000 hogs.


Porkpalooza is Back!


Porkpalooza is on the horizon this month, starting on August 28th, 2020. Come out for some great pork bbq and support a great local non-profit!

Barn Ventilation: 71 Years of Progress


A few weeks ago, we shared a fun "throw-back-Thursday" post highlighting some barn building catalogs of yesteryear. You can re-visit that blog here if you like. Within one of these barn building catalogs, we found an extensive section about the importance of barn ventilation.

Reflections on 14 Years of New Standard Group


New Standard just celebrated their 14th year in business. We decided to reach out the guys for their thoughts on the last 14 years and what the journey has meant to them so far. We hope you enjoy the unique perspectives and insights everyone had to offer. 

Winners of the New Standard Coloring Contest


We've seen quite a plethora of colorful pigs from our hopeful entries. It's been a delight, and with the help of some of our mini New Standard helpers, we've rounded up the winners of the contest.

Interesting Hog Barn History


Pause or Fast-Forward?


Everyone is canceling everything.


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