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Jake Peterson

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Colony Highlight: Platte Colony, Platte, South Dakota


On a late Fall day, New Standard’s Ben Cochran and marketing staff, Jake Peterson and Celene Olson, were invited to Platte Colony in central South Dakota, about two hours west of Sioux Falls. The opportunity? To learn what the day in the life of a Hutterite looks like. New Standard has had the pleasure of working with many colonies around the US and Canada, and we wanted to highlight the way of the Hutterites. 

Modern Pig Barns, Thoughts from a Pork Consumer


What comes to mind when you think of a barn? Well, if you are like me and don't work in a barn every day, or ever, you might say some things like hay, dusty, dark, dirty, and old. This June I had the chance to visit a brand new modern hog barn. It's safe to say my old thoughts about barns have been thrown out the window. Below I have simply outlined my impressions and experience as I explored Honey Grove. 


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