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Regenerative Agriculture with Dan Cloutier - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

We've back! We've got a great discussion today with guest Dan Cloutier from Agrihub. Today we're discussing regenerative agriculture and three key areas, vertical farming, biogas and net zero building operations. Sustainable agriculture is a popular topic and as Dan explains it, "a lifestyle designed for permanence". There is a lot to cover and we hope you enjoy this chat! 

ROBOTIC MILKING: Deerfield Colony Case Study


When you’ve milked in a parlor for over 25 years, the idea of adopting robots can be daunting. From the thought of re-training your cows, learning new technology, and to be frank, re-training your people – ensuring you’ve covered your bases is important.

Sustainability Benefits of Variable Speed Cross Ventilation


This piece first appeared in the Modern Producer Magazine - Special Thanks to Britt Roman and Munters! 

The dairy operation at Vir-Clar Dairy in Fond du Lac Wisconsin is like many other dairy operations in the Midwest, a family-owned farm in its fourth generation. As a growing operation, Vir-Clar has evolved over time and they’ve added new barns, their most recent addition was a cross ventilation barn which now stands next to a naturally ventilated and a tunnel ventilated barn. Today they milk more than 2,000 cows.

Greenwald Colony: Brokenhead, Manitoba, Canada


You may recall, New Standard Ag recently remodeled a hog barn at Greenwald Colony. However, you might not know the family connection the Kurbis’ have with Greenwald Colony. We recently had a chance to visit more with the folks at Greenwald, diving into their history, faith, industries, and more. 

Manure Application: What You Need To Know


Today’s topic is manure management. 

What is Regenerative Agriculture?


By definition, the two separate terms are as follows:

Regenerative – adjective, relating to something growing or being grown again.

Agriculture – noun, the practice or work of farming. 

Wait - isn’t that somewhat repetitive? When we take a step back and look at Agriculture, the premise is to repeat and build on the successes of the past year. For example, dairy farming. Cows are bred to produce offspring but as a result they produce milk to collect. Those same farmers plant crops to produce feed for their dairy cows. This is a cycle that is repeated year after year.

Simply put, Agriculture itself is already a regenerative practice. Can it be improved upon? Absolutely. Should it be improved upon? Most definitely. 

The world’s population is growing at alarming rates and land is being reallocated for urban development. Producers are feeling the pressure to seek out options for increasing efficiency and output for their operations. Producers within Agriculture work hard to be good stewards of the land, with an understanding that what they put in will directly impact what they receive. Practices such as no-till or reduced till farming, cover crops, tailwater collection systems are already in place, but the need to be even more efficient is prevalent.

Farm Accounting, R&D, & Estate Planning



This piece first appeared in the Modern Producer Magazine - Special Thanks to ELO CPAs & Advisors for the article! 


The business of farming has evolved over the years to grow in complexity which has enlisted the need for enhanced planning, sophistication, and advisory services. As the amount of capital at stake in farming operations has continued to increase, so has the need for a team of advisors. At ELO CPAs and Advisors, we have an entire practice that specializes in Agriculture and seeks to partner with their clients to provide a holistic business approach to fulfill the farm’s financial, succession, accounting, and tax needs. To be successful, the whole picture must be considered, and it takes a team of advisors to accomplish this. 

10 Tech Tips for the Farm


We asked the AGRIHUB IT team for some quick tips to ensure you’re on top of your tech at the farm! You should find this quick refresh helpful in keeping your tech online and your hardware safe. If you have any helpful tips, comment below!

Smoked Pork Belly - The Perfect Appetizer


Summer is here and it’s time to get together and enjoy some great BBQ. Your family and friends are going to love you for making this.

Safety Culture on the Farm


Farmers are a different breed of worker—they do what has to be done, when it needs to be done. There is no punching the time clock and going off duty when the cows have to be milked and animals need to be fed. I think this is a commendable work ethic that we need more of in the world today, but it can also come at heavy cost. Over the past few years, I’ve read way too many news articles about fatalities and serious incidents involving farmers. From grain entrapment to being overcome by toxic gases in manure pits, all these share a common thread; none of them were “freak accidents” and all were easily preventable.


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