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Wireless Tech in Pig Barns - Where We're At


We're involved in setting up more and more wireless systems in hog barns, new builds, and barn remodels alike. Now wifi is terrific with some planning and proper equipment. So how does it work? We spent some time with network pro Owen Gingerich who helped on our Honey Grove barn project, and New Standard's tech guru, Dwayne Morrow, to discuss the pros and cons and where wifi in barns stands in 2022. 

Cool Cells: More Than A Lifeline, It's a way of Barn Living


A week ago, I put up a screenshot of what happens when you turn on cool cells for the first time. We saw a temperature drop of more than 7° F in a 15-minute window, which was excellent and certainly made Michael at Goldenview Colony happy. There is, however, so much more to cool cells, and understanding how to maximize their effectiveness can allow even more impressive results. 

Case Study: University of Alberta Barn Conversion to ESF


The University of Alberta, a top 5 Canadian University, was ready to update their sow stall barn into an ESF. They contacted the team at New Standard to begin the design process. By the Spring of 2018, they had finalized the plans. They needed a design for 120 head of sow. The team was in contact with Jay Willis, the Research Stations Manager, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences.

Honey Grove Barn Facts


The Future of Hog Farms - Lessons from Europe


In a recent blog, we were able to interview Mr. Mikael Kirk of AgriSys about the history of loose sow housing and ESF in Europe. Our conversations brought us to the potential future of hog farming. Mikael had some interesting thoughts to share. 

Bruce D Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre




New Standard had the chance to sit down and talk with Myrna Grahn about the Bruce D Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Center. It is located at the National Centre for Livestock and Environment at the University of Manitoba. The center helps to educate the public about the importance of agriculture within the community. They can receive up to 1500 people, who come through the center in one day!

Their main mission, “people want to genuinely learn and know. It’s a personal thing. People want more transparency,” says Myrna. This mission has turned the focus into a clear worded goal: traceability.

The Rising Concern of Critical Fusion Frequency


There is a growing concern about the implications of artificial light has on animals, specifically poultry. Here at New Standard, we believe in bringing the issue to light, to help educate about this rising issue.

A.I. in a Hog Finisher – It Does Make Sense


Sorting scales certainly have a mixed past. Love them or hate them, you should know with the application of recent technological advances, sorting scales should be something on your radar again. 

Benefits of Automated Farrowing Feeding



The Last 10 Years: Reflection Piece


When I was asked to write an article reflecting on recent advancements in the pork production industry, I was first forced to evaluate where we were ten years ago. That was a reasonably straightforward exercise for me, as my son is currently ten years old—but where were we as an industry? Here are a few things that came to mind. They help explain the advancements in both the pork industry and our daily lives.


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