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California’s Proposition 12 Sets Idealistic Restrictions on Pork Producers


A California ballot measure is raising criticism from producers across the country who feel its restrictions are unreasonable.

Building Systems That Last: New Elm Spring Colony’s Transition to Microfan



Ten years ago, New Elm Colony was looking to build a new barn for their turkey operations.

After researching numerous solutions, Brian Wollman came to the conclusion that New Standard was the best option to suit their needs.

Flash forward a decade, and they’re still very pleased with the systems New Standard helped put in place.


Bringing Tunnel Ventilation to Silver Lake Colony's New Turkey Finishers


When the poultry producers at Silver Lake Colony in Clark, South Dakota began planning their setup, New Standard was the first provider they turned to. 

We spoke with Randy Waldner, one of the producers at the head of the project, to learn more about how introducing tunnel ventilation has already improved their operation.

Check Out the Newest Issue of The Modern Producer


It's that time of year again. We're proud to announce that the third issue of The Modern Producer is now available in print and online!

The Surprising History of the Holiday Ham


Thinking about Christmas dinner already? We sure are. 

If you're like many families celebrating this year, a plump Christmas ham might be at your dinner table (although, we're pretty big fans of holiday turkeys as well...). 

But have you ever thought about the history behind this traditional Christmas meal? It just might surprise you.

Our System Just Works. Hear from Producers at WPX 2018


Curious about open sow housing? Wondering what other group housing producers think of our system? We discussed the topic at length at World Pork 2018 this summer, and we don't want you to miss out!

Recipe for Pork Worstenbroodjes - with Maaike Campbell



It's the time of year when comfort food is king. We bring out all the classics for the holidaysturkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, and treats like sugar cookies and pie. 

But sometimes it's nice to spice things up with a slightly different take on comfort food. 

We reached out to Maaike Campbell of Birnam Pork for a favorite holiday pork recipe, and she delivered. Plus, she happens to be on the cover of our latest issue of the Modern Producer!

3 Things Great Barn Owners Do in Difficult Times


Life as a producer doesn't come without its fair share of hardships. If you've been in the industry long enough, it's almost guaranteed that you've experienced difficult times in one form or another. 

Eurotier: A Recap


Leading trade fair for animal production, Eurotier, was held November 13-16 in Hanover, Germany. 

With over 2,500 exhibits, attendees experienced a unique variety of programs, forums, and events with information about innovations throughout the swine, poultry, and cattle industries. 

The event is organized each year by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft or German Agricultural Society (DLG). 

New Standard's own Kees van Ittersum and Kevin Kurbis attended the biennial event and reported back on the latest industry trends and shifts.

Not All Group Housing is Created Equal [Infographic]



Group housing is group housing, right?

Loose sow housing is loose sow housing, right?


We've seen it so many times. Other companies are promoting their equipment that only work with their own version of "loose" sow housing. The only problem is that a majority of current design offerings keep sows in stalls for just under half of their gestation.

But it’s not just our opinions on which options are best for sows, the facts speak for themselves.


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