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Jamee Amundson Eggers On the Future of the Pork Industry


Jamee Amundson Eggers, Producer Education Director at Iowa Pork Producers Association is a powerhouse of knowledge and passion in the pork industry, even if she came to it in a roundabout way. We sat down with Eggers to hear more about her background and her unique perspective on the future of the pork industry.

New Perspective on Handling Sow Feedback


Vaccines might be a hot topic in society today, but one thing that isn’t debatable is that if you put weakened viruses into a body, that body’s immune system learns about the pathogen and creates antibodies to fight back. Much in the same way, giving sows refined biological feedback helps her develop antibodies that she can then pass on to her piglets, hopefully giving them a much better chance at fighting off those same diseases.

There are various schools of thought on how feedback should be managed. We recently gained new perspective in this area and wanted to pass on our discoveries.

6 Factors to Consider in Your Farrowing Room


Farrowing is one of the most precarious areas on a farm. Everything leads up to and flows from this one activity. So it only makes sense that farrowing rooms should get attention too! We have gathered a list of six important factors to consider in your farrowing room. 

The Secret to ESF Success: Gilt Self-Conditioning


We have to say it... we don't love the phrase gilt training—if only because it is so misunderstood within the ESF world. When we talk about gilt "training", we are referring to channeling the gilt's innate curiosity into learning a task.

Self-conditioning gilts by gradually exposing them to elements of ESF from a very early stage puts less pressure on the pigs and staff, and allows the animals to learn the system naturally and calmly. But self-conditioning animals and giving them time to adjust isn't just the secret to ESF success, it is the foundation of good animal husbandry. Learn more about how we accomplish it below. 

Your Next Gilt Trainer Could Be Who You Least Expect


When you are training gilts for ESF pens, you need a certain type of personality working with those girls. But it may not be the type of personality you expect.

Making Sure Your ESF Data is Secure [VIDEO]


Jon Parker loves working with our clients to fix their problems, both big and small, within group housing. A big part of his job is working with the Nedap ESF hardware and the Velos software to make sure that all our customers can make the most of the robust data available from the system. Nedap recently rolled out some new options for backups and notifications so we asked Jon to explain what is available. 

Hot Tips for Hot Weather: Barn Cleaning and ESF Training Pens


It seems like we never know what kind of late summer we are going to get. It could be hot and dry, it could be unseasonably cool. For most people, hot and dry summer days are a reminder to relax and lounge around the pool, but if you're a barn owner, you should be thinking about how you can use those hot summer days to clean your barns. Here are some tips to help your summer barn cleaning run a bit more smoothly.

Partnering With Topigs Norsvin at the Delta Canada Boar Research Center


We recently had the exciting opportunity to work with Topigs Norsvin as they opened their groundbreaking Delta Canada boar testing barn in Woodlands, Manitoba. This project marks an exciting time in boar research, where intricate data analysis and responsive genetic selection can improve stock in less time. Below we share a time-lapse of the project and an explanation of the overall impact on the pork genetics landscape. 

World Pork Expo 2018 In Review



With a focus on the future of the industry, over 20,000 people gathered for the 2018 World Pork Expo in 2018. This was the 30th year for the international expo and this year broke another record with more exhibitors in the trade show than ever before. New Standard was proud to represent pioneering concepts in group housing at our booth as well as through an in-depth panel discussion with leaders in the industry. Read on for our take on WPX 2018!

5 Technologies to Include in Your Next Sow Barn Design [Infographic]


When it comes to building a new sow barn, there are a lot of considerations that factor into the final design. One of the things we've learned as we've designed barns for our customers is that everyone has a wish list. We've also learned that while many customers know they want a less stressful setup, they may not necessarily know that barn technology can help with that goal. With that in mind, here is an infographic with five technologies that should not just be on your "wish" list, but your "must-have" list. 


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