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3 Things Great Sow Barn Managers Do Everyday


Steve Horton is the sow farm supervisor for Thomas Livestock in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Thomas Livestock converted to group sow housing four years ago. If there is one thing Horton has learned it is that having great barn management is a major determining factor in whether you succeed or fail in the business. Great barn managers contribute to a healthy working environment that keeps the best employees happy and engaged in the work of your farm. But what should great sow barn managers be doing every day to help create that environment? 
We chatted with Horton and got his thoughts on the top three daily things that seperate great sow barn managers from... the other guys.

You're Feeding Your Sows Too Fast - Group Sow Housing Research


If you work in a sow barn, when is the last time you stopped to consider the feelings of the ladies you spend your days
This isn’t simply an attempt to get your attention. How your sows feel has a direct impact on how they act and react; and how they feel, act and react to their environment will significantly impact their reproductive performance.

Swine & Poultry Year In Review: The Best of 2017


December offers a great excuse to pause and reflect on the past year. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of our favorite blogs from 2017 and why we love them; just in case you missed them the first time around!

Meet Dr. Jennifer Brown from the National Sow Housing Conversion Project


Canadian pork production is undergoing a lot of changes as a result of the National Sow Housing Conversion Project. The NSHCP is a collaborative research project that was developed to share information with producers, and ease the transition to group housing by providing education and research on best practices. Dr. Jennifer Brown is the project leader of the NSHCP and she and her team are working on the front lines with these producers. Over the next few months we will be exploring some of Dr. Brown's work. Learn more about her background and research below. 

Lessons Learned: How Managing Loose Sow Housing Is Like Being a Father and a Husband


We often find overlap between our work life and our personal life. For us, and maybe for you, we see lots of connections between managing pigs on the farm and everyday life. We recently posted an article on how sows are like our in-laws, and it got me thinking about another connection I see every day - how being a good father and a good husband relates directly to successfully managing loose sow housing.

Featured Research: Identifying Pig Personality Traits in Group-Housed Sows

Hear from Kristina Horback on her latest research, identifying pig personalities and how they relate to aggressive behaviors in a group gestation pen.


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