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4 Reasons Meishans are Becoming the Teaser Boar of Choice


In the last few years Meishan boars (pronounced May Shan) have grown in popularity with producers across North America, and it isn't just for their dashing good looks. While Meishans aren't much to look atthey honestly look like a mix between a basset hound, a pug, and a pigtheir breed characteristics are well-suited to open checks and boar stations with automatic heat detection. 

Meet The Experts - Ben Cochran


When you work with New Standard, you are working with experts in barn design and management with a heart for service. Over the past few months we have been featuring each of our team members so that you can get to know the experts behind New Standard. Keep reading to learn more about Ben Cochran!

How to Follow New Standard on Social Media


One of the best ways to know when we post new content to our site is to subscribe to the blog. But did you know that we also share content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+? With technology changing all the time it can be confusing to figure out how to actually follow and connect socially. Check out our guide below!

Arno van Brandenburg on the Rise of the ESF System



Arno van Brandenburg is the eminence grise of the electronic feeding industry. His name is well known throughout the hog world, and working with Nedap since 1984 has given him an insider view to the rise of many new technologies that have changed the swine world for the better.

What Do Producers Really Think of PanelTIM?


PanelTIM's polypropylene panels have taken off in the North American hog industry with their combination of lightweight materials, durability, cleanliness, and quality design. On a molecular level they are stronger and cleaner than PVC, not to mention they hold up to years of abuse, something hogs are notoriously good at providing.

Those of us in the hog building industry get really excited about products like this, but we want to give you a producers perspective on the product. We interviewed three producers from different states to see how their PanelTIM penning and gating has held up to the test of time...and pigs.

Why You Should Never Buy ESF Equipment


Installing new feed equipment in a group housing barn has been credited with enhancing production, feed efficiency, and the overall health of the animals. While precision feeding technology certainly provides the opportunity to step up your production and barn operations, new equipment alone will never leave you with the high-functioning barn you desire. You should never just buy electronic sow feeding equipment and expect a group housing barn to work. Keep reading to find out why. 

Meet The Experts - Dwayne Morrow


Over the last few months we've featured our team members so you can get to know the experts behind New Standard. Keep reading to learn more about Dwayne Morrow!

Meet The Experts - Marc Anderson


When you purchase from New Standard, you don't just get efficient barn design and great equipment, you also get exceptional service and expertise. Over the past few months we have been featuring each of our team members so that you can get to know the experts behind New Standard. Keep reading to learn more about Marc Anderson!

9 Barn Management Habits that Tank Sow Productivity


Steve Horton has been working with Thomas Livestock for eight years. He currently serves as the farrowing supervisor for four sow barns. In his 42 years in the hog industry, Horton has seen plenty of barn management styles and observed firsthand how that can impact worker and sow productivity. We sat down with Horton and asked him about barn management habits that negatively impact sow production. Keep reading for Horton's thoughts. 

The Piggy Cafeteria


Let's imagine you’re at a large workplace that has a cafeteria where all workers eat. You can even have it catered by your favorite restaurant if you want; after all, this is your analogy. 

Every day at lunch time, you head over to the cafeteria to grab lunch along with your friends. The cafeteria analogy works well as you’re given free choice on where you sit and who you hang out with.


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