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Don’t Forget About the Little Guy


I know we spend a lot of time sharing information about the care and housing of sows; so much so that sometimes we may appear to lose sight of the bigger picture. Which in this case is actually the little picture. If great care for the sows is important, and increased production is the result, then it stands to reason that once you have done all of that you also need to focus on what you’re going to with all those little piglets.

It doesn’t matter if you are an ISO-wean barn selling your piglets or are responsible for feeding them to market, the job just gets started once they are born. So let’s look at a few things that can be done to ensure that the little guy has the best chance possible.

The Importance of a Group Sow Housing Partner Beyond Install [Video]



Francis Forst from Synergy LLC in Missouri knew he wanted to go with group sow housing and an electronic sow feeding system (ESF system), and he did his research on businesses that could partner with him to help him do it. That research led him to New Standard. For Forst, the biggest difference between New Standard and the competition has been our follow up training, education, and service. But don't take our word for it, hear it from Forst himself in his interview with our own Kevin Kurbis.

Watch a Group Sow Housing Remodel Timelapse [Video]



Thomas Livestock's Pigeon Creek barn houses around 5,000 sows and up until recently, these sows were in traditional stalls. As a part of their complete conversion to group sow housing, this barn was due for a remodel. Watch the timelapse below. 

You're Feeding Your Sows Too Fast - Group Sow Housing Research


If you work in a sow barn, when is the last time you stopped to consider the feelings of the ladies you spend your days with?

This isn't simply an attempt to get your attention. How your sows feel has a direct impact on how they act and react; and how they feel, act and react to their environment will significantly impact their reproductive performance.

Top Seven Pig Jokes to Make Your Workday Fly By


Last week at the office we were all studying a pig anatomy book. None of the information was new; in fact, it was all pretty standard stuff—until we got to the end. Then there was a twist in the tale! So we decided to go hog wild and post some sty-lish jokes that'll make you squeal! Stay until the end and there's another surprise!

Swine & Poultry Year In Review: The Best of 2017


December offers a great excuse to pause and reflect on the past year. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of our favorite blogs from 2017 and why we love them; just in case you missed them the first time around!

Try This Easy Recipe for Chocolate Covered Bacon!



It is that time of year when we are all invited to tons of parties and always expected to bring treats along. Don't get stuck in the cookies, or chips and dips rut! This chocolate covered bacon recipe is as delicious as it is easy. We promise you will be the talk of the party if you follow these easy steps!

How Tunnel Ventilation Has Impacted Turkey Production at Pembrook Colony


What is the Future of the Pork Industry? - With Comments from Dr. Jennifer Brown


If you’ve been in the pork industry for any length of time you know one thing to be true: global pork markets are changing. European markets have moved to loose sow housing and Canada is following closely behind. While the US markets have not yet demanded all producers move in this direction, the writing's on the wall.

Precision Feeding in Gestating Sows, Or Sow Weight Watchers

Feeding gestating sows is arguably one of the most important tasks within the sow farm. I know what you are thinking… anyone can feed a pig. And although this is likely true, if you want the best performance for your sow and her piglets, precision feeding is required.


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