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Recipe for Pork Worstenbroodjes - with Maaike Campbell



It's the time of year when comfort food is king. We bring out all the classics for the holidaysturkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, and treats like sugar cookies and pie. 

But sometimes it's nice to spice things up with a slightly different take on comfort food. 

We reached out to Maaike Campbell of Birnam Pork for a favorite holiday pork recipe, and she delivered. Plus, she happens to be on the cover of our latest issue of the Modern Producer!

3 Things Great Barn Owners Do in Difficult Times


Life as a producer doesn't come without its fair share of hardships. If you've been in the industry long enough, it's almost guaranteed that you've experienced difficult times in one form or another. 

Eurotier: A Recap


Leading trade fair for animal production, Eurotier, was held November 13-16 in Hanover, Germany. 

With over 2,500 exhibits, attendees experienced a unique variety of programs, forums, and events with information about innovations throughout the swine, poultry, and cattle industries. 

The event is organized each year by the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft or German Agricultural Society (DLG). 

New Standard's own Kees van Ittersum and Kevin Kurbis attended the biennial event and reported back on the latest industry trends and shifts.

Not All Group Housing is Created Equal [Infographic]



Group housing is group housing, right?

Loose sow housing is loose sow housing, right?


We've seen it so many times. Other companies are promoting their equipment that only work with their own version of "loose" sow housing. The only problem is that a majority of current design offerings keep sows in stalls for just under half of their gestation.

But it’s not just our opinions on which options are best for sows, the facts speak for themselves.

A Comparison of Creep Penning Options: Steel, PVC, or PanelTIM



One area of production that is all too often overlooked is creep penning. We would argue that some of the most important work of the farm happens in the farrowing room, and the materials used in creep penning can make or break your farrowing unit. 

Animals are only in the farrowing unit for a few short weeks and then the unit is washed and turned over to a new batch of sows and piglets. Because of this constant turnover and the biological vulnerability of piglets, having strong biosecurity matters. Your number one resource in maintaining good biosecurity in the farrowing unit is by using creep penning that is easy to sanitize. 

Find Us During Show Season - Our 2018-2019 Schedule


From December to March, the livestock world is buzzing with expos and events across Canada and Europe. We just returned from EuroTier in Germany, and are gearing up for Prairie Livestock Expo in Winnipeg. 

South Dakota Turkeys Pardoned by the White House


Though pardoning a turkey didn't become an official ceremony until the presidency of George H. W. Bush, presidents have been receiving Thanksgiving turkeys since the 1870s. 

Regardless of when the tradition officially started, turkeys have been part of the White House's Thanksgiving festivities for many years. 

How Boar Pens Can Improve Your Bottom Line


Successful breeding is key to a strong bottom line; it's a simple fact.

But what isn't so simple is efficiently executing that successful breeding.

We're here to tell you why the utilization of boar pens can affect your success rates and therefore
directly impact your bottom line.

How the Pork Industry Can Attract Younger Generations


If you've interacted with the younger generations, you've likely observed that they communicate a bit differently. 

For many of us in the industry, that can be frustrating, or even intimidating.

We look at the younger generation and see people absorbed in technology and social media. It can seem like they have no interest in the way the industry operates.

But the truth is, we can learn a lot from young people in this industry. In order to do so, however, we need to show them what we have to offer. 

Post Implantation vs. Post Insemination Re-entry for Sows: Why It Matters


It should go without saying, but the idea and ethos behind group housing is to get sows out of stalls.

The industry's move toward greater transparency in our animal husbandry practices has coincided with increasing public concern over meat sources. This pressure, combined with an industry adopted Code of Practice (since 2014) in Canada, and various legislative initiatives in some states is leading more and more producers to move to group housing over stalls.


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