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Interview with Andrew Howerton of Reliance Pork - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day!

Borders, Beer & Bacon - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day! 

Catching Up Part 2 - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day! Again! 

Well, if you made it this far, you must be enjoying some beers too. In this episode of the Modern Producer, we welcome you to join Tim and Kevin Kurbis as they catch up and talk shop. This is part 2, so make sure you catch part 1 here.

We dive into some exciting new technology that is making its way into barns. More details on our Honey Grove barn project. Data and how it is changing things. Barn design features and layout, sow behavior, and so much more. You don't want to miss this one. Enjoy the podcast, and have a great day. 

Catching Up Part 1 - The Modern Producer Podcast


Good Day! 

2020 has been quite the year so far! In today's episode, brothers Kevin and Tim Kurbis take some time to catch up, and enjoy a few cold ones along the way. With Tim based in the US and Kevin in Canada, it has been a few months since they have seen each other and talked to shop. We decided it would be a good idea to catch up over a podcast, we hope you enjoy the discussion! 

Agvocating with Pipestone Vet Services



Good Day!
In this episode, we chat with Sylvia Wolters and Alicia Mogler, who both work in public relations for Pipestone Vet Services. Sylvia & Alicia host many events each year, from fairs to trade shows, bringing the farm to the public. Visitors have the opportunity to experience live births and get face to face with pigs, chickens, and more.

Turkey Talk with Dillan Meyer



Good Day! Time to talk Turkey. As most of you know, New Standard Group also provides ventilation solutions and more for turkey producers. Today we have a special guest who gives us more insight into the turkey barn. Dillan Meyer is with McFleeg Feeds Inc and some great facts and tips. Dillan has a well-rounded background from swine to turkey and cattle. Lots of interesting comparisons and topics were discussed. From water to feed, nutrition, how pigs and turkeys taste, and bedding options. We hope you enjoy the conversation! 

Positive Company Culture in the Pig Barn



Good Day! In this episode we have the privilege of talking with Janae Metzger of Pig Hill Farms. Janae is an HR Director for the farm, and has been successful in creating a great working environment with high employee satisfaction and low turnover. From the TN Visa Program, to the DISC Profile, we talk with Janae about her journey so far, tips for engaging and connecting with employees and more. We invite you to take a listen!

Activator Farrowing Feeding with Chiel van Lenthe



Good Day!
This special episode comes to you from Holland and the Nedap Headquarters. We had an opportunity to have a discussion with Chiel van Lenthe,  Project Manager Nedap's pig division. Cheil has been with Nedap over 10 years and also has his masters in ag technology. Also in the conversation is Jeff Morton from Nedap US. 
We discuss Nedap's new Activator Farrowing feeder. The tech that went into development, how producers are using it and results. We hope you enjoy the episode! 
To Learn more about New Standard Group - visit
To Learn about Nedap's Activator visit the Nedap website
Thank you! 

Staying Positive In Tough Times



Good Day!

Thanks for joining us. Today, Tim and Kevin Kurbis chat with professional speaker Matt Booth. Matt has some great tips about keeping a positive attitude in tough times and how to stop drowning in negativity. We found his ideas and methods creative and inspiring. We hope you enjoy the episode. 

To reach Matt Booth visit his website at: or call 563.590.9693

Interview with Kevin Kurbis - The Last 10 Years



Good Day!

On today's episode we chat with Kevin Kurbis on about the last 10 years in hog production.

Good Day! Today we get nostalgic with Kevin Kurbis on the last ten years reflecting on advancements in the pork industry. We talk about Technology changes, updates to equipment and even approaches, big data and how we might practically apply these updates to our operations. 
Want to learn more? Check out our recent blog on the topic as well -



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