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Interview with Kevin Kurbis - The Last 10 Years



Good Day!

On today's episode we chat with Kevin Kurbis on about the last 10 years in hog production.

Good Day! Today we get nostalgic with Kevin Kurbis on the last ten years reflecting on advancements in the pork industry. We talk about Technology changes, updates to equipment and even approaches, big data and how we might practically apply these updates to our operations. 
Want to learn more? Check out our recent blog on the topic as well -


Interview with Chet Mogler - Pig Hill Farms



Good Day!

On today's episode we get a chance to visit with Chet Mogler from Pig Hill Farms. 

Chet Mogler has been raising hogs his whole life. In 2015 the family farm decided to build a new "state of the art" facility with a loose sow housing approach along with electronic sow feeding and other new technology. The new barn houses 4400 head. On the Modern Producer Podcast, we talk with Chet about making decisions on building the facility and how things are going today. We hope you enjoy our conversation and gain some insight from an experienced pork producer. 

To learn more about Pig Hill Farms, visit:

Enjoy the episode! 

Technology In the Barn : What's here, what's coming.


Good Day!


Today we dive into technology and barns, what we can do today, and what might be coming. Tim, Kevin, Dwayne, and Chet and share their ideas on technology.

From L.E.D. lighting to Artificial Intelligence - we recommend you give this episode a listen.


Introducing The Modern Producer Podcast!


Here at New Standard, we want to get information out it all forms! So we have taken up Podcasting. We invite you to listen to our first episode on your favorite platform, or just click the play button below!


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